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We have a question from a community member about your brain on shyness and social anxiety.

Here we go:

“Hi David

My question is:

What role do neurotransmitters/brain chemistry have to do with shyness and social anxiety?

What can be done to test, treat and sustain improvement over time?

ADD type behavior is genetic in my family and it manifest as social anxiety with men and anxiousness with women.

I also believe that I have an overactive amygdala (based on reading/research).

I am practicing meditation and it seems to be helping but need some coaching on what else to do.

Thank You,


Great question Andy!

And while I’m no brain scientist or doctor, I do have an opinion through what I’ve experienced in dealing with social anxiety and shyness.

(BTW I understand just enough to be dangerous on brain chemistry thanks to a guy named Joe Dispenza, who’s work I use for myself and with my clients, too.)

What do you think about your brain on shyness and social anxiety?

Your voice matters, too.

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    • Mihir

      Awesome video David!!
      Thanks man ,you rock,,
      You helped me a lot,, I am listed you from long time

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