overcoming social fear
Photo by: starpinker, Flick Creative Commons

I made this video over the weekend, because I am fascinated with the concept and function of fear.

It amazes me how many times in my life, and many other people act beyond their fear.

Everyone has times when they are frozen by fear, and times when they are not.

But the more you practice acting along with fear, the easier it gets, and the more your system expands to handle fear, no matter what form it comes in.

Don’t Eradicate Fear? Yeah Right!

For years I tried to eradicate fear from my system, thinking “OK if I just get rid of this fear FIRST, then I can be free to do what I want.”

I’m sorry but it just doesn’t work that way in my experience in overcoming social anxiety, studying fear, coaching and therapy methods for years, especially if you want to start living more fully now.

You don’t have to wait around.

So how does it work, then?

Check out this video now – I hope it gives you some great insight:

To learn how to handle your social fears so they no longer control you, you can sign up for the Dissolve Social Anxiety Program here.

Further, I believe there are some faulty presuppositions when it comes to trying to eradicate fear, which of course includes social fear.

Beliefs that Get in the Way of Handling Social Fear

1) That fear is bad, and needs to be removed (it’s hardwired into our biology)

2) That having social anxiety is “bad” and needs to be gotten rid of completely before you can have the life you want

3) That I need to have a story about the fear (i.e. your social anxiety story), instead of just feeling it and letting it pass (hard to do if you believe number 1 above)

So shifting our beliefs around fear is an excellent place to start.  The same goes with confidence, as my favorite quote from Dr. Russ Harris goes:

“The ACTIONS of confidence come FIRST. ┬áThe FEELINGS of confidence come LATER.”

Stop trying to eradicate your fear of people and being social, and instead work on shifting your story about it, undoing it, as it were.