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Overcoming Social Anxiety

Do you ever feel totally overwhelmed with all the information out there on how to overcome social anxiety, build confidence and interact with people so you can be successful in your life?

It can feel like a never ending barrage of “information frustration” that keeps getting worse each and every time you find new information and then go and try to apply and practice it in the real world.

Cause there is always a new shiny confidence product or idea you have to try right now or else…

…and if you’re anything like me – you have endlessly searched for the magic pill that doesn’t exist and you say…

“This is it! I’ll get this book or watch this video series and THIS will fix it…

…this is the one thing that will fix my confidence problems and stop anxiety from running my life…”

Or whatever reasons your mind comes up with.


I have downloaded and purchased my fair share of shiny information objects.

In fact – that is the biggest problem for anyone trying to beat this…

…there actually is a lot of good info out there that you can buy that help you how to gain self confidence, especially when you are just starting out on this journey in trying to overcome this.


You are NOT one new technique, shiny object or tool away from what will get you real progress and the confidence breakthroughs you need to get there.

Getting caught in the “information doom-loop” reading and watching and buying more books or courses to lead you through without having to keep doing it.

There is no way out this way.

Sure you need the right information, of course you do – that’s a given.

But there is a bigger issue that is holding you back.

It’s what I call “The Confidence Creation X Factor“.

You can spend a lot of time, energy and even money and still not know what this “X Factor” is…

…AND IT IS the most important part it all.

Without it you can STRUGGLE to grow your confidence so that you can impact and influence people in your world in positive ways that bring you all you want in life.

And with it – you can even go beyond that to the highest levels of success if you want.

And The X Factor is YOUR SYSTEM!

And guess what?

Whether you know it or not you DO have a system.

It’s just not the right system or once that produces confidence, but instead gives you a lack of it, anxiety, shyness…and all you DON’T WANT.

But here’s why there’s BIG TROUBLE AHEAD if you don’t get the right one…

Most people seem to think that if they hook together a bunch of information off of the internet, that that now have something that will destroy their social anxiety…

…and then magically will bring them the confidence they want so they can have the friends, relationships, career success and more…

…just by sitting and home reading and watching stuff, chunking it together and thinking they are getting somewhere.

But here’s the thing…

Anyone can find a bunch of information, read it, memorize it even!

But that doesn’t mean you can APPLY IT in your lie.

Google, social media and all of the great internet technology has made it VERY EASY to get access to any kind of information.

And then become an ivory tower professor of anxiety and confidence information who can spout it off, while not living anything they are knowing only on an intellectual level.

Can you see why this won’t work?

The reason is the information isn’t put together in the correct way, and hasn’t been tested as a whole and therefore you’re going to get VERY mixed results…

…if any results AT ALL.

And it’s not your fault, because the web is so OVER SATURATED with information that is hard to know what’s right and what’s not.

But the people who get the confidence breakthroughs they need to succeed past social anxiety and into the life they want…

…make progress and get real results are the ones who get this “The Confidence Creation X Factor” I’m talking about here.

And here’s the TRUTH…


With all this information out there it’s easy to get immersed in it, even use it like a drug to make you feel better while at home…

…only to have made no real progress that you want and before you know it YEARS have gone by.

Problem is – only more information comes out than even complex-ified, random and not systematized in a way that gets RESULTS.

It is just TOO EASY to anesthetize yourself with it.

We need the “The Confidence Creation X Factor”…

It’s about the system behind the scenes of your psychology and behaviors that generates the most confidence and get the success you want in dating, work and friendships…in any area of life that is lacking and matters TO YOU.

So if you’d rather just be an intellectual master that knows the information, could even teach it but doesn’t actually live it be my guest.

Have fun. Just be prepared to not make any REAL progress.

You will have become really good at searching and locating information, absorbing it even, but not applying it in any meaningful way and you’ll only get BAD RESULTS.

You’ll get NOT the social confidence and connection skills you need and be able to LIVE THEM in your life.

You’ll NOT get the friends you want.

You’ll NOT get the career or business success you are seeking.

It will just be a distant dream in a future that won’t happen with RIGHT ACTION and application.

But if you want to actually resolve this, build a rock solid system for getting the confidence you need that actually works…

Let’s FIX it for you

Just click the link, let me know a bit about your situation, we will book a Breakthrough Session and figure out how you can really release the stranglehold of social anxiety around your neck…

…and start getting the confidence you want fast in life…so you can get what you want and DESERVE.



P.S. The better your system is – the WORSE you can be at even having to be outgoing, upbeat or positive, or “have a good vibe” all the time…

…and STILL be confidence, authentic and meet and attract people and have the relationships and life success you want.

It’s just so much easier when have a system that does the heavy lifting for you: