Getting rid of social anxiety depends on you and what you are WILLING to do. It depends on what kind of ACTION you are willing to take to change your mind, your self and your LIFE.

“Will I have social anxiety forever?”

I’ll bet you have wondered …

“Will I have social anxiety forever?”

I know because I used to wonder the same!

The real answer is…


and NO!

Because it depends on you and what you are WILLING to do.

It depends on what kind of ACTION you are willing to take to change your mind, your self and your LIFE.

No change in what you are doing, no change in the results you get and the anxiety you experience.

That’s just how it works, and I didn’t make it up.

Success requires work and persistence.

We live in a McDonald’s society where we expect everything to come easy and free.

Heck, I’ve gotten caught in that trap plenty of times.

It’s like gravity, you can complain all you want about throwing something up in the air and it not staying up there…getting pissed off that gravity exists, and always brings it back to the ground.

That’s just how gravity works.

Changing Your Mind

The same goes with you and your mind.

You can change it but you have to be willing to and see past the nasty, negative lies it tell you about yourself, people and the world.

But if you believe you can’t, you simply won’t even have the possibility of getting ridĀ of social anxiety.

If you want this, sometimes you gotta dig deep.

This is all the GOOD NEWS, too BTW.

Because you CAN CHANGE but there’s a cost to it, and that includes practice and action like you probably haven’t done before.

I got someone who unsubscribed the other day that said…

“My anxiety is too branded into my mind. …I cannot change.”

Breaks my heart, and I can’t help him… he’s gone.

So for him, I’m sorry but social anxiety is going to be FOREVER.

I used to have those kinds of thoughts too, and in other areas of my life no related to socializing, I still do.

But I know it’s a trick of the mind because I’ve seen it over and over, not only within myself but with the people I directly help with this too…

Unfortunately he is not willing to take action in a new direction especially in terms of reprogramming his mind.

IT IS NOT branded into anyone’s mind as if a permanent fixture.

It may feel like it is, and really look like that…

…but it’s a total MIND TRICK, that you MUST SEE THROUGH!

It is a negative belief, and I’m sure he has a ton more like it.

I sure hope he sees that differently and starts taking ACTION in a new direction.

Taking Action and Having a Confidence Plan

BTW if you have been reading and reading, watching video after video but not making any progress…

…then you aren’t really taking action in a new direction and therefore won’t make progress.

If you are – awesome for you!

But IF NOT, you have to do something different otherwise you are caught in a neurotic loop that will go on forever without doing something new!

Continuing to get a temporary “crack hit of hope” with more information that makes you feel good but you don’t apply and make progress with is basically the same as DOING NOTHING if that isn’t working.

Look I’m not trying to be a d#!K but tell you how it is.

And I’m sorry to be harsh but you need to hear the TRUTH…

…you absolutely don’t deserve confidence if you say you want it, still don’t have it and aren’t working to actively change yourself.

Sorry that’s now how this works and this is the harsh truth I’ve had to face myself.

I’ve had to be told this by my mentors and it was like a slap in the face.

But it WOKE ME UP, and I changed and have never looked back.

So if you are sick & tired of this social anxiety crap and really ready to TAKE ACTION and accelerate through to a real confidence breakthrough…

..we can jump on the phone, work you out a confidence plan, and talk about exactly how to fix this in a Confidence Breakthrough Session (no cost to you, limited availability):

You have to be honest with yourself on what you want.

And if it is something you TRULY WANT, then I can help you.

But I can’t want it for you, and the choice is yours.


P.S. And if you want a different life and to experience confidence that brings you levels of success you never imagined…then it’s time to take action and MOVE FORWARD with the help of someone who’s been through it already…