Do you want to increase the curve in your learning how to be more social and attract more people at the same time?

Then be like Pablo Picasso.PabloPicasso

What do I mean by that?

Pablo was an incredibly famous artist.

An amazing one at that.

He painted many wonderful paintings in the style of cubism, and he was an innovator.

But fundamentally what does Pablo do?

Well, as an artist HE CREATES.

Creativity is an energy where you can create something out of nothing.

You can start from nowhere, and create a conversation or a connection.

It is an ENERGY inside of you, where once you tap in, you can create from it, anywhere.

When focusing on being social, if you are thinking too mechanically, scientifically, procedurally, it won’t be as fun.

But if you think more like an artist and you become a creator and architect of interactions.

This takes practice of course.

Just like when one starts to paint or play music, they suck at it, and aren’t very good.

But they keep going and trying to create, which is creating.

Allow yourself to suck, in starting conversations, creating connections.

I used to suck at it, too. I had social phobia.

What else do creating connections, conversations and energy do for you, especially in terms of being socially attractive?

It creates an ENERGY that people see and feel from across the room.

When you create a conversation, spark it up, you create energy in the room..

When people see you talking to others, they know you are more open and friendly and can see your energy from across the room.

They can feel your energy, too.

It makes people more open to you if you want to talk to them.

If you feel like it is a lot of work to be social then become a creator.

Of connections, of conversations, of energy.

Because social energy like this ATTRACTS.

I even get into slumps where I feel like it’s work being social, even though I know how to be.

But when I come from the place of a creator of energy I get inspired.

Like tonight at the Green CEO party I am attending of about 75 people (so I hear).

I’m tired right now, but I’m going to go CREATE which juices me up to talk to people.

I’m excited underneath, and I’ll rally.

Especially because I know about this power of creating energy.