Ever watched shark week?dolphins

I used to love it growing up.

All the badass sharks like the Great Whites and Tiger sharks.

Super ferocious and deadly.

And actually from what I know Tiger Sharks are some of the most aggressive.

Sharks are often considered the Kings of the Ocean, because they are at the top of the food chain.

They also haven’t evolved in ages, because they are so physically perfect. They have rows of razor sharp teeth, and tough sandpaper skin, weighing thousands of pounds.

Bottled-Nosed Dolphins on the other hand don’t have rows of razor sharp teeth, have very soft skin.

While dolphins are much quicker than sharks they also have one main advantage.


When a member of their own is injured and a shark decides to attack the injured dolphin, the dolphins coordinate to protect their injured fellow dolphin and also attack the offending shark.

In these coordinated attacks, dolphins are known to seriously stun, injure and even KILL a shark.

These very social dolphins are able to overcome this fierce foe with their coordinated social intelligence.

So how does this apply to humans?

Well, of course I’m not suggesting to be social in order to defend yourself or attack someone.

Not at all, I’d never do that.

But I am pointing to the power and ADVANTAGE that being socially intelligent gives you.

The power to be successful in life as you want to be.

The powerful to influence people to help you and for you to help them.

And if someone does attack you personally, not physically but mentally/emotionally, you’ll have lots of allies, although I doubt that will be necessary.

Because the carrot is always better than the stick when it comes to influence and success.

I know, that you now this already, so having more and more social intelligence is only to your benefit, which includes understanding conversation, social dynamics and of course being confident enough to interact well and consistently with people.

And a lot more subtleties of social interaction and connection.

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