I know you want to be more interesting, like the Most Interesting Man in the World.happyman

Let me tell you something, that dude is f%$k!ng BORING.

I know about one million plus ladies that would agree, too.

Everybody wants to be more interesting, have wildly exciting lives, go on big adventures, meet celebrities, etc.

And you know what…there is nothing wrong with that.

But have you noticed how people who need to brag about all the shit going on in their lives, and who they know end up seeming superficial and boring?

They bore the crap out of me, actually.

So why would you want to be more interesting for the sake of being interesting? Why would you want to even be like that other than they appear to “have it all?”

(They don’t, BTW.)

I know – you want to probably be more expressive and colorful in your personality. But I know you also want to have interesting things to do in your life so you can share about them.

Well have you ever heard the phrase “the most interesting person is the one who is the most interested?”

I’m gonna agree AND disagree with that one.

For god’s sake you DO have something to share about yourself.

But people that are suffering from shyness¬†and social anxiety almost always think they need to have tons of stuff going on, and since they can’t live up to this BS perfectionist-image, they hide away and refrain from sharing about themselves.

So you put all this pressure on yourself to have some kind of big life and then you feel paralyzed, stuck and you victimize yourself.

Nice work, narcissist! It’s all about you, you, you – isn’t it?

You know what is interesting to me?

Someone who isn’t needy.

Someone who has a good vibe and enjoys as many moments of his life as he can.

Someone who isn’t trying all the time, and let’s things happen and let’s things be easy, instead of struggle, challenge and constant striving to one-up people all the time.

Someone who shares authentically, but is INTERESTED in learning about the other person and their story and their life.

There is nothing exciting about being interested.

In fact, we could consider that “being boring.”

But you see, if you want to connect more easily and effortlessly with people, this is more about an energy exchange than anything. It’s about “vibe.”

Ever like someone just because you liked their energy?

Maybe said hardly any words, but you liked their smile, the way their eyes lit up and how they were comfortable in themselves without trying to prove anything?

I know I have, many times.

If you want to clear away your mind clutter, so you can be the interested yet boring person that people like and connect with easily, grab your copy of my Dissolve Social Anxiety program before it goes offline from Social Expression forever.

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Too-da-loo til next time, Expression-ites.