Don’t you feel like you wish social anxiety and ultra-shyness would just kiss your a$$ sometimes?positiveattitude

You know like “eff-off social anxiety! You damn punk-a$$ motherf$!k3r!”

Yeah…I get it. Been there for sure.


What you really should do is NOT to get angry at it, because that’s just resisting it.

And resisting it makes it STRONGER and keeps it re-creating itself.

You’re fighting a ghost in that sense.

You might win sometimes in the short term with that kind of attitude, but in the long-term anxiety will win.

So you need to have it kiss your attitude instead.

Your POSITIVE attitude.

I know, it’s like “how can I feel positive when I have so much anxiety?”

Well, because it’s your negative thoughts generating the anxiety. Let those go, and replace them with positive ones and what your anxiety dissipate and your whole life will change.

No, it’s not necessarily easy…at first.

But it gets easier and easier with practice.

Of course, I often hear “but that feels inauthentic David, I don’t FEEL that way.”

Who’s to say you aren’t being inauthentic by being so negative?

Ever think of that?

Because your world is created from your thoughts so positive or negative…you’re right! What if you just flipped over your negative thoughts into the “positive opposite?”


(A term/technique I learned from my new friend and mentor Brent Smith.)

So if the thought that seems too real, but isn’t is:

“People think I’m weird and nobody likes me.”

The positive opposite is: “People think I’m great and everyone likes me.: Yes, it takes practice and repetition but ANYONE has the capacity to do this.

Now you are aware of this, YOU get to choose.

So choose your thoughts wisely my friend.

If you feel stuck, want to ACCELERATE the process and want to get control of your mind and actions so you can:

  • Live from a way more positive place
  • Meet people wherever you go, when you want
  • Turn connections into new friends
  • Have way more fun being social and in life
  • Excel further in your career (or jump to a better one) by advancing your people skills
  • And meet more women to date or have a relationship with

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Yes, it is an investment of money, time and energy but it is worth it, as long as you are committed to doing the work and you really want to take care of your confidence to you can be as successful as you want to be.

Either way, keep on moving forward, moving ahead.

Life is happening, you don’t have to wait to live the one you want!