One of my mentors is a successful coach named Steve Chandler.PDMP

He sent out this short email a little while ago:

“One of the things people always tell you growing up is, “practice makes perfect.”

Well, practice doesn’t make perfect if you’re practicing the wrong thing; it just reinforces the wrong way to do it.

To succeed in business, you need to WAKE UP!

Wake up to what works. What works is not a secret!

It’s not some intangible quality some people have and some people don’t. You can learn to be successful in your business.

It is teachable and learnable, and there’s nothing mysterious about it at all.”

Like Steve says above, unfortunately, action (practice) is not enough.

You have to be doing the right things to be successful at anything.

Like being successful at overcoming shyness and SA and being the most confident you, that you can be.

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