Now I know what you are thinking…peeingintheshower

…this subject line is GROSS!

WTF is David thinking???

Has he lost his mind?

Yeah, I know I’m a little off my rocker with this one.

My mind works in strange ways sometimes, no doubt.

But hear me out.

Because it relates to getting over social anxiety and developing your most confident self.

Here it is…

There’s this old trick I read about that in order to prevent foot fungus that peeing on your feet in the shower can help prevent it.

Something to do with the acid in the urine, so I have heard.

You have to do it each day.

Over and over again.

If you do it just once, it won’t work.

And guess what?

With shyness and anxiety it’s the same thing.

Repetition of letting go of negative thinking and redirecting in the direction of the thoughts you want to think.

Shaping yourself into who you really want to be, who you DESERVE to be as your birthright.

Not the thoughts that feel crappy and that you don’t want to think.

Negative thinking is the fungus.

“You know what” in this metaphor is the shifting your thoughts in a new direction.

Every day.

Until they no longer dominate your reality.

And even when they come back, you’ll be fine because you know what to do and that the process works.