It’s something that some experts and scientists that all human beings need.

From one viewpoint, I can see that.

But from another, it seems pretty crazy.

To seek love outside of ourselves.

What I think we really need more than love is CONNECTION.

Love is quite a tricky word, and has a lot of baggage associated with it.

But connection…that is something we can experience with anyone…

Including OURSELVES.

There are many people in relationships that don’t feel at all connected to their partner, let alone themselves.

That’s no good.

We can feel connected to others, to ourselves, to the Earth, an animal, anything actually.

And when you are full of love for being alive, enjoying the moment, being present in wonder and amazement, you can feel the ultimate connection that people are striving for by trying to make millions of dollars, sleep with 28,879 hot women, have tons of social connections just to look good (instead of enjoying the process).

And hey…I’m guilty of that too.

Yesterday I went on a hike by myself, as the friends I checked with that morning weren’t available to go with me.

So I went by myself.

I had a truly amazing time.

I both hoofed it pretty hard and I chatted to people on the trail along the way.

I felt so connected and EPIC about my life.

It wasn’t even a sunny day, but since I was feeling awesome, life was awesome.

Even though it was a beautiful scene, it wasn’t the beautiful scene that made life awesome.

It was the FEELING coming through me.

Hey, not every day is going to be like that.

But there’s no reason the majority of them shouldn’t be. Other than the thought that “life is hard” “pain” “miserable” etc.

On that hike, I realized that to truly love others, you have to love yourself first. I’m not saying this to sound like a hallmark card. But to point out a truth of how love actually works.

Yes, there are plenty of people “in love” or in relationships that got into them expecting the other person to complete them.

A la “Jerry Maguire Hollywood False Love”.

Near the end when Renee Zellweger says “You complete me.”

Yuck, what a crock. Yeah, yeah it’s romantic moment made to make people feel that Hollywood Storybook Love.

Love outside of yourself (love doesn’t, never has and never will exist there.)

But what would it be like for people to enter a relationship already coming from a self-loving place?

They wouldn’t need to get love, they could so much more freely give/receive love.

For me that’s a whole lot better.

And if you are in one of those relationships, then it’s perfectly OK.

Just make sure you are working on being more self-loving and compassionate to the best that you can – especially above and over trying to fix the other person.

If you aren’t in a relationship that’s OK too – even better in some ways, so you can more cleanly work on being self-loving and compassionate which naturally extends out to others.

Self-love is so awesome.

So having a powerful mindstate of confidence, social skills to meet anywhere, to be a successful pimp in your career, easily attract people in conversation, and definitely in attracting women. Especially when you love yourself, it makes all of this so much easier.