Do you have a lot of brains?confidentman2

Are you really smart?

Yeah, I’m kinda smart too.

As smart as we might be, or even be proud of it…

It gets in the way of relaxing into ourselves and being our naturally confident selves already underneath.

Everyone has been naturally confident in their life at some point.

Even if it was only 2.5 seconds, it was your natural state.

Then we get conditioned with beliefs and THINKING that screwed everything up.

Hey, it happens and it’s OK.

Because you can do something about it.

Layer by layer you can undo the conditioning that holds you back.

I’ve undone a lot, and I’ve still got my stuff, too.

But it’s so much better than ever.

So when I say it should be a no-brainer to overcome shyness and become confident, it simply means than by thinking less, we start to feel better immediately.

When we are thinking less anal-ytically the natural well-being and confidence comes out already underneath.

Even if it’s buried WAY underneath all that spinning thought.

Next time you catch yourself overthinking sometimes causing you social anxiety or panic attacks do this:

1. Stop whatever you are doing. Physically stop.

2. Take a deep breath. Take another. And Another.

3. Feel into the rest of your body, because your energy is too much in your head.

(I’ll bet some of you didn’t realize you had a body did you?)

4. Notice that your thinking is just that, thinking. Whatever story you are telling is just a story and you can choose to let it go, just for 3 to 5 seconds. You can use the mantra “Just thought” as you let it go.

Rinse and repeat.


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