Do you spend way too much time being afraid of people,
worrying about what they think about you?worry

I know because I have done the same.

In fact, some of those thoughts crossed my mind just today.

Fun isn’t it?

Makes you feel good right?

Bleck! Makes me feel like crap personally.

You know what I usually say to myself when those thoughts come across my mind?

This phrase may not resonate for you.

Maybe yours could be

“Come back!”


“No thought.”


“Apple pie.”

It’s up to YOU, actually.

The shorter the better and the simpler…

…the BETTER.

It really can be that simple to snap out of thoughts we are lost in.

After all they are just thoughts.

Thoughts are what generate the SA and shyness,never the people, places or things we think do.

It is just one tool, and the tool is never the way.

THE WAY is what’s BEHIND the tools, techniques and approaches.

Participants in my programs know exactly what I’m talking about, because I burn this into their brains until they get it.

Tools are cool…

But the reality is…

YOU are the way.

It only ever will be and can be YOU.

Not tools.

Not f%^k!ng techniques.


You are the powerful motherf%%Ker here.

Not some damn technique or approach.

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