| When You Have Eye Contact Problems |

What is it about eye contact when we have social anxiety so difficult?

It is a way to assert aggression, connection, submission or dominance.

We have to know that even confident people don’t always look others in the eye but they are not so concerned about it compared to socially anxious ones.

Eye contact problem has to do with your behavior. And you have to look at the self acceptance aspect to be able to fix that problem.

There are few techniques and exercises to work on making eye contact:

1. Self Acceptance – Do yourself rational and affirmation statements everyday. You have to love yourself and accept everything about you.

2. Look at yourself  in the eyes in the mirror – Do this at home for an extended period of time. You can do your rational and affirmations there slowly. You have to do it alone and be positive and calm.

3. Taking action –  There’s this technique I call fear fleshing. It is when you visualize the situation, feel the fear, then imagine the fear flushing and draining out of you. Sometimes taking action on the spot really helps but you may do this at home where you feel safe.

4. Behavioral exercise or exposure – When you’re out, practice talking to a stranger or sales clerk so you’re sure to be entertained because their job includes interacting with customers. Make eye contact, give a smile and ask them how they’re doing or how things are.

Try these tips and hope it helps you resolve your eye contact problems. Of course these are applicable depending on where you are at with your social anxiety.

You can always choose to get rid of discomforts when out and meeting new people, you also can abolish fear and be social.

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