I’m just about to head out and hit the town with some friends.manthinking2

I’ve got some happy trance music pumpin’ – Above & Beyond – I love them.

Downtown is always hopping in Denver these days (end of summer weekend nights) and I’m excited to hang and meet new people too.

It’s really easy to meet new people when you have a social group to leverage.

And the truth is, it’s actually just as easier to meet people and make friends out alone.

I know you probably think that is crazy, and in a sense it is.

AND it didn’t used to be this way for me.

If you are sittin’ on the couch, and wishing you could go out, but are too nervous too, or anxious…


I spent many nights like that too.

It’s OK, no judgment here.

But I eventually ended up forcing myself to go out alone especially once I discovered I had SA.

I knew I wanted to conquer it from holding me back to having the life I wanted as a man.

And maybe you don’t really want to go out at night, but the daytime instead.

Maybe thought you aren’t even planning to go out during the day on the weekend coming up or don’t have many people (or any) to hang with but you want to.

I get that too. The pull to stay in the house is way easier than facing your social fear.

Maybe the Mastering Social Freedom webinar will help you then.

Give it a watch before it gets taken down this Sunday at midnight.

Here’s the link:


I think it can help you.