Your mind likes to play tricks on you

I don’t have to tell you that your mind likes to play tricks on you when it comes to trying to overcome social anxiety and building your confidence… you can stop feeling so shy, anxious and awkward

…and create the conversations, connections that will lead to the success you want in life!

And these tricks of the mind cost you A LOT in terms of your time, energy, happiness…and in having the life you really WANT.

I get a lot of people struggling with shyness, awkwardness & anxiousness reaching out to me each week.

They, who are trying to make real progress and are reading and watching a lot of things even trying to apply them on their own.

And you know what?

They are NOT making the progress they want and they ARE NOT really increasing their confidence, meeting more people and moving towards the success in life they want.

I get it…I was there too!

But you know what people often say to me when I tell them they need to start doing the RIGHT practices and things, and on a consistent basis.

“But David – What if I DOES NOT work FOR ME?”

This is the mother of all limiting beliefs, because it simply isn’t true.

It can and it will work for you.

Let me ask you this …

What if you stay where you are behind a limiting belief like this…

…only to stay stuck where you are in life for the next 5, 10 or 20 PLUS years?

How much is that costing you in terms of you life every week, month and year that goes by?

If all you can think about is “what if it doesn’t work for me or what if I can’t do it”…

Well, here’s what will happen:

You are going to live in insecurity & social fear, never achieving the confidence and success that you want in life, ever.

I know it sounds harsh, and I’m not trying to be a jerk…but I’m just trying to alert you so you can avoid more pain and get out of it!

I know.

Because I tried!

The result for me –> years of suffering in frustration and loneliness in an uphill battle that didn’t resolve it for me.

If your goal is to make true progress and you aren’t moving forward…

..then you can’t do it the way you are doing it now – otherwise it would have worked already!

And thinking anything else is just a mind trick that is holding you back.

Because you are worried about it NOT working for you – then you are missing out on the life you say you want, and have hope for.

Here’s the Bad News…

The biggest price you will pay for your life is the cost of NOT doing something out of FEAR you are “special” and “different” than everyone else, and by that I mean this crazy idea that you can’t do it, and simply won’t succeed.

Because you are already getting what you fear right now!

So if you are ready to move out of that place of fear, and doing what doesn’t work, and hiding behind the limiting belief of “it won’t work for me…”

…and stop missing out on the confidence, the new connections, friends and relationships that will lead to the happiness and success you want DEEP DOWN…

…then it’s time we FIX IT for you.

Your new life is waiting for you on the other side of these limits and fears you have.

And life isn’t slowing down and waiting for you to take action.

It’s time to take your power back and start getting the progress that you know you can get if you look deep inside behind these lies and tricks of the mind!

So if your ready for a new journey to BREAK FREE or GET OVER social anxiety and really want to make this happen for yourself…

…and are sick of missing out the life you want and DESERVE then click on this link now:

All you have to do is let me know a bit about your situation and we will do a Confidence Breakthrough Session together.

I’m going to show you exactly what you are doing that is costing you the confidence you want and from missing out on the life you truly desire.

Then I’ll show you exactly how to fix this so you can stop struggling so much and start getting real progress and how to make it happen MUCH faster…


P.S. Fear is truly an illusion. It’s not real. Your new self and best life is waiting for you right now. Let’s map out the plan to start making true progress to creating the confidence you need to overcome your SA to be, do and have what you want in life…