A new week is upon us.

Either a new week of opportunity or a week of dread depending on where you mind is currently at.

So how was your week?

Did you live the life you wanted to?

If you didn’t then what’s your plan to progress and move forward?

I have found that if I’m not content with my growth and success then without a plan of some kind, I’ll stay stuck

I personally just got done with a pretty awesome week (and weekend).

I was quite social this week, and had a social but chill weekend. Nothing too crazy, but it was really, really good.

I met Erica who owns a socially conscious company.

I reconnected with my friend Britt, who is an awesome soul and really unique woman who is a photographer and creative.

I met James, Dina, Jake, Brandi, Darrell, and lots of others in passing at my new office space, among other people out at night in random social conversation out with a couple different groups of friends each night.

Some of them were solid new connections, others I can feel the beginning of a great connection, and some more fleeting.

The most important part is that I enjoyed the process.

Remember…I didn’t used to be like this, I used to be so shy and socially inept¬†that I couldn’t meet new people.

Now I’m the one starting the¬†conversation a good majority of the time.

No, not every week is like that for me, but lately I’ve been playing the connecting game full out again.

This is not to show off, this is to show by example what is possible.

This is all possible for you, TOO.

In your own version of it – that fits your interests and the lifestyle you want to design.

I think the more knowledge and tools you have, and most importantly the MINDSET the more freedom you have as a man to do what you want and be successful as you want to be.

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