What are you up to, man?conference

I hope you are doing exactly what you want to be doing.

It’s Saturday eve here in North America, and I’m in Los Angeles.

I’m just finishing up the 2nd day at a really awesome coaching conference.

I’ll be hanging out this evening with friends doing some weird/fun coaching challenges that happen in this community as part of the evening adventures, along with having some awesome dinner convo and a drink or two, no doubt.

If you’ve planned a quiet evening at home and want exactly that’s good for you.


If you are staying in by default, just because you have nothing to do…

…then get out of the house, buddy!

I don’t care if it’s a bar or a coffee house or the book store, or the park.

Or just a walk through downtown.


Even if you don’t talk to anyone you need to get used to getting out.

You belong wherever you go, but for the limiting belief you might have that you don’t.

And I encourage you to talk to whoever you can, if you can.

Maybe you work a lot and are pretty successful but haven’t put any time to building out your social life, and really want that.

Or maybe you’re social confidence just isn’t where you want it to be at, so you just avoid going out.

I get it, man I really do.

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