So what do you have going on this weekend?

Are you doing any fun things?goingout

I hope so.

And I get it – some of you may have nothing going on because you lack the friends you want, or social possibilities.

That’s perfectly OK too, BTW.

So whether you have friends or not, and definitely if you don’t have any plans.


This is me giving you some tough love here, for your own good.

I don’t care if you are scared or nervous, that is part of being human.

I don’t care if it’s going to the coffee shop, going for dinner solo somewhere, going to grab a drink at a bar – going for a long walk or to a park where there are people – JUST GO.

I don’t care if you talk to anyone or not – you certainly don’t have to.

But you have to leave the house if you want the possibility of facing your fears directly and meeting people and making friends in any capacity.

Hey – you might actually enjoy striking up a convo with a clerk or a waiter, someone at the bar next to you, or someone reading at the coffee shop at a table near you when you ask them how that book is.

I don’t care if your mind is thrashing or you’re attacked by your social fears because YOU CAN DO IT, other than some lame, negative thinking that says you can’t.


So have a good weekend no matter what you do.