| What are the symptoms of social anxiety |

Most people with social anxiety have a poor self-image  that’s why they are always worried that they will say something or do something wrong and that they will be judged by others.

They think they’ll screw up or be embarrassed and people will judge them and not like them.

Some would think about perfection or trying to be perfect and in order to be perfect they feel that they don’t act out.

So how do you know you have social anxiety?

Let’s talk about the symptoms of social anxiety that I’ve experienced which are now rapidly decreasing with the help of a few system and techniques.

First is Anticipatory Anxiety which is a fear of having social anxiety when aren’t around people but anticipating the social anxiety you’ll feel when you get into social situations.

Another is when you generalize social anxiety when you’re out like:

  • Freezing up in public or in any social situation
  • Being shy
  • Looking down and cannot make eye contact
  • Having a quiet voice, speaking not deeply and fully
  • Having butterflies in your stomach
  • Fear of the phone ringing –  You’re afraid of answering it because you think something bad happened. You may also be afraid that it’s your friends calling and that they might invite you out and you’re afraid to go out. I got this a lot when I was working in New York. Every time the phone was ringing I thought there’s something I did wrong and that I’ll be fired but nothing happened. In fact I was promoted and had raises.
  • Afraid of driving and going to gas stations – It is because while you drive you think others are staring at you that you have to act right.
  • You feel you look and act weird
  • You feel you’re not attractive
  • Fear of having people over or having a party – This is because you’re afraid people won’t have a good time and you’ll screw up.
  • Fear of talking to the neighbors or waiving at them
  • Afraid of answering the door
  • Fear of making out of the house
  • Fear of meetings at work
  • Fear of public speaking – This may or may not be related to social anxiety but most who have social anxiety have this. I personally don’t because I did presentations and played music a lot. I feel nervous but this didn’t become an issue.  Nervousness is normal.

These are just few of the many symptoms of social anxiety. In your situation, you can be location specific. You know you have social anxiety when you feel uncomfortable, it freezes you up, you can’t do something and you can’t leave the house.

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