I’m astonished, truly.

As I continue on this journey on constantly learning, growing and upgrading my life from being shy and socially anxious, I’m astonished at how much of the process of succeeding at higher and higher levels has everything to do with…


The people that are the most successful in the world seemed to have learned ways of thinking that are different yet consistent from mainstream views and conditioning.

It’s a constant process.

It is very strange to me still how much the mind controls everything in my reality and small shifts in it can lead to big transformations in terms of results.

Speaking of mastering your mind, I’m interviewing guys for The Confidence Mastermind still.

I even have spots on my calendar for this weekend to talk about it with you, if that interests you.

(Yes I intended that as a pun here.)

It’s one of the best ways as a man, to totally transform your mind, behaviors and of course results you want in your life by working with me directly, in a small group format of six men for six months.

It truly isn’t for every guy, and you must apply for it.

It is for those guys who really want to take action and invest in themselves and their life to leave behind their old shy and socially inept self, for good.

Check it out here: