By David Hamilton, Confidence Coach

When watching this video, it is best to turn off all other distractions,
relax and let your mind absorb the information.

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4 responses to “CONTENT – Free Training Q&A Video”

  1. Thanks so much for this and all your videos David and answering my questions. I can totally see how I’m making my SA worse and keeping it going with my thoughts mainly but this is good for me to know and to become aware of so I can start changing my mindset and overcoming my SA

  2. thanks for what you do for us with this free video training..
    thanks for the time and the quality of advice that you give us :)

  3. hey David,

    Really thankful for your efforts. Totally with you and I have heard this before regarding the issues of shame around sexuality, and that women are generally feeling creatures and can “feel” is or is not present and congruent.

    Working more at being congruent..whether this means doing yoga, or meditating. Another suggestion that I keep hearing is hanging out with more guys and “doing guy stuff with guys.”

  4. Hi David, amazing video btw. I do have a huge and question though about my SA. Is it possible to have the behavorial part almost cured and the cognitive is still damaged? I feel I can match energy levels, make and keep conversations going and avoid awkward silences, make conversations in groups, approach extremely attractive females, etc. But over half the time I feel as if I am forcing it and it’s not natural and I feel uncomfortable during most instances. But I have seen videos of myself interacting with others and I actually have a YT channel and I don’t look awkward or self conscious in the videos most of the times (though I do sometimes). So how would I go about this dilema?

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