How much do you love yourself?selfloveheart

“And why would that even be important” you might be thinking.

It actually is if you want to feel good and confident AND be more attractive to people in general.

And I mean really, really deep down HAVE LOVE FOR YOURSELF?

Not to be presumptuous, but I’m going to guess for many here – it’s not very much.

Because we aren’t conditioned that way.

Most of us are socially conditioned to be hard on ourselves which helps sells beauty products, clothes and cars that’s for sure!

I love myself more than ever, though I’m still working on it, too.

I remember when I was younger that I’d see quotes like:

“Love heals all things.”

“Love is the most powerful force in the world.”

“Of Faith, Hope and Love – Love is the greatest of them all.”

(These aren’t exact, but you get the idea.)

I’d sit there and think:

“Whatever! That’s cheesy. How can they even say that or how do they even know? Pffft!”

All the while feeling really negative as I said that, not knowing that very feeling was a signal that my feeling was off in my emotional guidance system trying to guide me to the truth these ideas are pointing to.

And that’s OK, because there was no way I could hear anything those ideas were saying because of my level of understanding and state of mind at the time.

So here are 10 reasons of why you should love yourself more.

#1: You won’t be needy or desperate.

#2: You’ll be way more relaxed and comfortable in your own skin.

#3: You’ll exude natural confidence.

#4: You’ll feel OK when others are negative, won’t get defensive and you’ll understand why they are.

#5: You’ll be more attractive to everyone especially the kind of people you want to hang around.

#6: You’ll affect those in a positive way throughout your day.

#7: You’ll be more grateful for the little things.

#8: You’ll be more successful.

#9: You’ll be able to truly give love to others, instead of having to love them and them love you to fill a void in you

#10: You’ll be primed to start a conversation, make new friends and connect more easily, anywhere you go

Plain and simple, it feels better to feel loving than hateful, angry, depressed, anxious or whatever negative emotion you might be struggling with.

When you feel the kind of love I’m talking about, where all is well, that you love yourself fully in that moment – which by default will create an experience of having love for everyone and everything, it just feels so damn good.

Self-love is a PRACTICE that you should work on if you aren’t already.

For starters I recommend the book “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It” by Kamal Ravikant.

It’s a short read and has at least two powerful practices in it that you can use.

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