Many of the people that get in touch with me or that I talk to every week struggle with this KEY ISSUE regarding confidence that connects to ALL areas of their lives.

This key issue is what I simply call:

“Professional Confidence.”

This is a specific type of confidence that has to do with how confident you are (or aren’t) about yourself in the work environment around and in relation to working with other people.

Even when you are good at what you do it affects EVERYTHING you do ultimately.

You know what I mean, right?

Like the continual anxiety that goes on inside of you, not only during work but also before and after work.

And how about Like the CONSTANT COMPARISON that goes on in your mind, comparing yourself to others, and how they are better than you in every way, and you’re never good enough?

And then there’s the unending SELF-DOUBT, frustration in not being able to start conversations well with your colleagues or your higher-ups, and connect and have good relationships which you know affect how you are perceived, and how you contribute to.

Then there’s fearing group meetings.

Because you know you have valuable ideas and input to give but when it comes time to speak…

..you can’t bring yourself to say them or if you are able to muster up the courage, they come out so awkward that everyone looks at you funny or they just write you off and don’t take your ideas in.

And because of ALL of this…

…you know it’s affecting how people see you especially in the eyes of your superiors, directly influencing whether or not you’ll get a promotion and making more money, too!

Not to mention just being able to relax and enjoy your work day without fearing interactions with other people, and the lack of confidence.

I could go on and on, but let’s talk about what’s REALLY IMPORTANT here, which is this.

The BIGGEST PROBLEM I see over and over that holds people back with confidence, shyness, anxiety and awkwardness issues is:

Coming from the belief of: “This is just how I am, and I can never change it!”

Buying into this belief will KILL YOUR CHANCES every time to get beyond this, even to make a little progress…
…let alone the progress YOU NEED to breakthrough in your confidence, influence and interaction skills at work.

Believe me I know how FRUSTRATING and even hopeless it is to feel like this.

You see, I used to suffer from the same types of fears for years.

I used to be so awkward and shy meeting new people at work, starting conversations, with peers or people in power positions and I always felt nervous.

I used to make notes like “make more eye contact” or “smile more” and “say hi first” on my task list at work…

…hoping no one would ever see it, but I needed to so I could remind myself to try and do it!

And I didn’t even know I had social anxiety I thought it was the was I was!

I knew I was shy, and I knew there had to be a way so I persevered.

And the day I read the description of what it felt like to experience social anxiety I was blown away!

Shivers up and down my spine and I said “that’s me!”

Then I figured out what to do and finally broke through in 2011 and haven’t looked back since, working on my mind and skills ever since, and it’s only gotten better and better.

It was after that I met over 200+ people confidently networking my way through a new city and now have many different social circles both professional and personal…

…which brings me the fruits of success in business, friendships and the dating world too.

You can have your own version of this too!

It REALLY doesn’t have to be this way for you!

Yes, you REALLY CAN have the Professional Confidence (and social too) that you want…

…and truthfully that you NEED to succeed in your professional life, not to mention personal.

AND if you are struggling at work it all connects to personal, meaning social and dating too.

That’s where I come in to help you with this.

We can jump on the phone for a Confidence Breakthrough Session (no cost) and work out a solid plan for you to address your anxiety, shyness and confidence issues and especially how they hold you back at work.

Just fill out a little bit of information about your situation and we’ll talk about how to fix this and get you the success in your career, and in your life that you want….



P.S. Isn’t it time you put an end to this struggle, and had your own confidence crossover especially in terms of your Professional Confidence?

It doesn’t have to be like these, we’ll talk about what you struggle with at work or in your professional life, along with personal too as it all connects.

I know you’re ambitious and want a whole lot more, so let’s get you the help you need NOW…