Feeling Like a Fake?

A HUGE ISSUE you will come across in becoming confident in social situations whether at work or in your personal life IS…

…feeling like a FAKE!

The problem is that you don’t feel confident so anything but that feels like a BIG LIE and like you are full of it.

And it can get VERY discouraging having to see all these seemingly confident people around you.

Do you ever get sick of feeling this way?

Or worse – do you ever get sick of KNOWING there’s a way to breakthrough because you’ve even tasted some confidence but can’t really maintain the state of it for more than a few minutes.

The problem is that if you are having these kinds of thoughts and experiencing these barriers…something is WRONG with your entire mindset…and ultimately the system you have setup that has created your life and how you show up in the world.

Oh…so you didn’t know you had a SYSTEM did you?

Yes your habits aka your daily rituals of thought, feeling and behavior ARE your system.

So you have one in place whether your like it or NOT!

The Bad News

Your system is BROKEN for actually generating real, authentic confidence that carries out into around people where it MATTERS TO YOU in your life…

…and things aren’t going to get any better if you just keep doing what you are doing, over and over again like you already have.

Sure – you might get some bursts here in there or be RIDING ON HOPE just to get by, but that just isn’t going to build it the right way…let alone get the relationships and the success you want.

It isn’t going to override your anxiety and sustain your confidence in any way shape or form.

And you need to break free of your current anxious mindset and system that drives it NOW.

I used to do all the wrong stuff for years.

I couldn’t start a conversation with a stranger to save my life, constantly worried what people thought of me…

…whether at restaurant, a store or a gas station, tried to “look cool” and slumped down in shame as I walked around, had a hard time looking people in the eyes…

…and stuff my head with info like a drug to make me feel better only to feel anxious and nervous around people again and again and AGAIN.

It sucked!

But then I finally starting applying the right stuff in the right order and put together the Confidence Breakthrough System and everything changed for me.

Anxiety went DOWN…

…CONFIDENCE went up…

…so did FREEDOM and self-expression.

I could start conversations with strangers and they flowed.

So what changed?

I stopped relying on techniques and only forcing myself forward and found out what works and then repeated that.

So Here’s My Question for You:

How much longer do you want to wait before you start getting over social anxiety and build the authentic confidence you need…

…so you can have the life you want?

Like Jane who just last week sent me this email and having a major BREAKTHROUGH after working together for it, for several weeks and was so afraid to go out in her town that she really believed no events were going on.

She went to several events including one where she just killed it with her confidence and in talking to people!

Here’s what she had to say after her big breakthrough…

“Success!!! I had short conversations, long conversations, couple of word acknowledgements with people.

I danced (music was cheezy but hey). I also wondered around which lead me to meeting up with other people who needed a break from the loud music. I spoke to the security guy at the door.

The moral of the story is that I felt relaxed with myself, which breeds confidence in social situations and when I did get that fleeting feeling that ugh nobody is speaking to me, does that mean nobody likes me etc etc I took control of that feeling and thought “well so what, that’s OK!.

Thank you sooooooooo much David.”

-Jane W., Age 54, United Kingdom

Before implementing my “Confidence Breakthrough System” Jane didn’t have the confidence to go to events by herself, let alone start conversations.

After implementing it and getting the breakthrough she needed- her life has never been better.

So if you are ready to fix this, stop drowning in anxiety and shy behavior and to develop the confidence you want and NEED to create the results you want in your life…

…then let’s setup a Confidence Breakthrough Session right away.

Click the link below, let me know a bit about your situation and we will have session and I will teach you how the “Confidence Breakthrough System” that has changed my life, Jane’s life and others too and it can change yours too:



P.S. You are better than the anxiety you feel and the results you are getting in your life.

We can fix this for you.

Book in no-cost Breakthrough Session and that’s get talk about your plan and how the Confidence Breakthrough System can work for you, and how to get it implemented in your life FAST…