So today was a bit of a rough day for me.

Photo Credit: Design Helm, Los Angeles
Photo Credit: Design Helm, Los Angeles

It was rough in terms of something that happened in my business that I didn’t fully expect.

I’m not going to go into detail, but let’s just say that someone else didn’t hold to their word, and it’s costing going to cost both of us.

Truthfully it will cost this person more than me for how they are behaving.

We will see what happens.

So after dealing with this most of the day and afternoon I noticed my mind telling me to stay at home and keep working.

But there was a feeling in my gut that was directing me to go into my office space and be around people.

It didn’t make sense to my head, my head said “it would be more efficient to work at home you’d get more done.”

But I knew in my gut I had to go into the office.

So that’s what I did, and boy I’m glad I did.

You see the same thing goes with dealing with fear of people or lacking the confidence.

(In the past I definitely would have stayed home instead of going in, if I didn’t have the social confidence levels I do now.)

I ended up talking to a new friend I made at my office space and it really helped. I opened up about my “bad day” and felt a lot better about it after. I had fun joking around too! We both did.

Your head is telling you all these reasons that you should stay home, stay “safe”, and it all sounds so logical and of course feels painful to even take a step out the door.

But your head doesn’t know squat!

Too often it creates a constant negative experience and self-doubt from this overthinking problem.

Yes it is directly related to social anxiety, but it goes beyond it too.

It just gets in the way of what your heart wants.

Which is to connect with people.

Which is to say hello to strangers and acquaintances alike.

Which is to ask people to exchange info so you can be in touch (if you can even make it that far in conversation.)

Which is to find a way to actually ENJOY your interactions with people, because deep down you know that person is inside, under all the layers of frustration and worry – which come from a belief system that doesn’t know up from down when it comes to people.

Both at work and in your personal life, right?

Sometimes it’s still amazing to me how overthinking causes us to be less fulfilled, make less money, not be able to connect with people – both men and women alike.

And simply MOVE FORWARD in life.

I can’t believe sometimes that think less actually leads to more success – and it’s really so true.

​I could list examples for days on end.

This overthinking problem and being too much in your head is exactly why a new client signed on with me last week.

He’s tried all the thinking routes, and though it’s helped somewhat, it hasn’t created a breakthrough that he wants to get to his next level.

He’s a great guy, a smart guy, and has all the potential within him.

What you think matters but also “how” you think or “unthink” matters just as much if not even more sometimes.

And I get it, been there, too.

Look I’m not perfect, but I know this game of changing myself very well at this point.

You have to learn how to not only get your thinking right but get it calmed down enough so that you can actually feel what your gut is telling you and what your heart wants.

That doesn’t happen from a place of constant social fear/anxiety.

It can’t, it’s not the way this works.

If that did work you’d be there by now right?

Getting in alignment and acting from what your hear wants happens when you know how to tune in to the presence inside of you that all your limiting thoughts and beliefs cut you off from.

So if you are ready to breakthrough the noise in your head and get a plan together for how to do so, then apply and book a FREE Confidence Breakthrough session here:

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