Do you know what the most common top challenges are for people like you struggling with shyness and SA?

Do you ever feel like you are the only one to feel your issues, wants and dreams for having a life free of social phobia and full of friends and connections?

And not some list made up by a psychological researcher in their white ivory tower in the university?

Well today’s a treat in that regard.

Because it comes from people just like you – and probably some of you that took this very survey – when I ran it over a year ago.

I asked you what your biggest challenges are in social anxiety.

I asked what you think overcoming your shyness and awkwardness issues will get you in life.


Here are the results of the top things you said you’d get out of overcoming social anxiety and shyness.

I broke them down into five main categories that made the most sense.

Find out what they are in this post:

I even reveal my “Social Confidence Formula” at the end of the post.