Want to bust through being a shy introvert…

…So you can become an outgoing introvert?outgoingintrovert

Here’s one thing I know to be true:

Some of you are here to be “normal.”

To relate socially “normally.”

That’s totally fair.

I wanted that, too.

But you know what? Most normal people really aren’t all that social from what I observe.

Because I’m a mad scientist with this stuff.

At least they’re not social to the level that me and my clients are learning how to be.

I also wanted MORE than just “normal.”

Because normal is a bit dull.

I wanted to become an “outgoing introvert.”

Which I have become!

Maybe you are interested in that too?

Or you didn’t even realize you it was possible that you could become one?

To me, an outgoing introvert is someone who learns social confidence and social skills but doesn’t try to suppress or shame his introversion.

Introverts like us are AWESOME, don’t you know?

Outgoing introverts also don’t say things like:

“Because I’m introverted, I can’t talk to people.”


Outgoing introverts are EMPOWERED and while acknowledging their introversion, they NEVER turn it into a limit or an excuse.

So why did I choose to become one?

Well, I saw many of the most successful people are at relating with people and making connections.

Have you noticed that, too?

For the most part, success never comes from a solitary place.

In rare instances, yes it can.

But that’s very rare if you have studied up on success or studied successful people, you’ll know that to be true.

You see…

…I want more for you than just to be “normal.”

I want you to be truly successful.

As successful as you can BE.

But that really doesn’t matter so much…what I want.

What matter a whole hell of a lot more is….


So, tell me what is it that you want?

Do you want to be more than just normal socially?

Do you want to excel in your career by being more of a connector and good at not only connecting with people but building strong relationships?

Do you want to make more money by being self-confident in your skills, bringing value through the relationships you build, which will get you paid more?

Or maybe you want to start a business and not be chained to what “they” pay you….

Or maybe you already own a business but feel you’re growth is being held back because you aren’t confident around people and your social skills are lacking…

How about just having the friends to hang out with…whether that’s grabbing a drink after work, getting lunch together with a group of friends, hitting a night on the town or watching a sporting event…or concert?

Let’s not forget meeting women socially too….

I could go on and on…but you get my point.

What YOU want matters.

Your goals.


It’s your LIFE.

So what do you want?

If you are ready to take it to the next level, then LISTEN UP.

I will give you a personalized Confidence Breakthrough Session to get really clear on what kind of life you want to create.

Yes, that includes defining your challenges and struggles because I KNOW you are experiencing a lot of them otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

AND you see…

…You’ll never have the life you truly want if you are always looking at how to get away and avoid what you don’t want aka “the negative stuff.”

That means if you are always and only focusing on getting away from the negative like saying only things like:

“I want to NOT feel anxiety”, instead of saying “I WANT to feel peaceful and calm inside.”

“I want to NOT be awkward around people” instead of saying “I WANT to be warm, friendly and confident around people.”

How about…

“I want to NEVER think a negative thought again” instead of “I WANT to be a positive person, who is self accepting.”

Then you’re only going to stay stuck where you are.

Possibly for the rest of your life?

Does that scare you?

Good, I hope so.

Look I’m not talking about being a Positive Pollyanna.

I hate that s#!t.

I’m talking about how unbalanced your thinking is and what you need to become aware of, because I’m pretty much 100% positive that is how you think, most of the time.

It also should inspire you because I just showed you a MAJOR problem people with¬†social anxiety and shyness¬†face, and don’t even realize it.

Now you’re aware.

I speak to people every week, and everyone does the same thing, to one degree or another.

I ask them what they want, and all they tell me is what they don’t want.

And they don’t even realize they’re doing it!

Not their fault, because they don’t know what they don’t know.

But now YOU do.

So again I ask you….

What is it that you want?

What do you REALLY DESIRE deep down in your soul?

In your heart of hearts?

Any of those points above resonate?

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