Depending on where you are in your social anxiety struggles or journey, I’m sure you have thought about that bright shining day that you’ve recovered.

Even if for a fleeting moment, you’ve probably had a glimpse of it.


If for some reason you haven’t had a glimpse of it yet, know that it’s absolutely possible, though it may not look all bright and shiny when you get there.

It will look like your life.  Will it be better?  Sure.

Will you be happy?  Hard to say.  I hope so!

Life will still be there, and even though things will be better without the domination of social anxiety, you’ll still hurt, feel pain, joy and struggle as we all do as human beings on this world.  That’s just a fact.

So when we talk about the promise of recovery, that you will have a better life with more freedom of choice and to do what you please, yes that promise can be achieved.

But that’s not the promise I want to focus on here.

I want to focus on YOUR PROMISE to recovery AND a good life for yourself.

You see, promises are extremely powerful actions for human beings.  A promise isn’t just a phrase of communication, it’s a strong action.

A REALY PROMISE is a very deep commitment.  This is really, really important to get.

Promises aren’t legitimate if they are held lightly.  They must be made with deep conviction.

Promises can be broken, but they also can be re-made.

I have noticed that many people want to get over social anxiety without doing anything about it.  They want to read a book, or even take a course like mine and just take in the information into their heads and expect to get better – without taking action.

Not only that, they don’t want to make the promise to recovery.

This is how a strong foundation is set. 

That’s fine.  Maybe they’re not ready, but I can assure you they won’t make very significant progress until they do.

Even then it won’t be easy, but success is much more guaranteed when a genuine promise for social anxiety recovery is made.

But that’s not you.  You’re a part of this community, and because of that you have a deeper commitment to your recovery right?

You’re not someone who wants to just wait around and let social anxiety continue to run your life.  For that I commend you.

I know it’s hard, really hard to live with social anxiety.  In some ways recovery feels even harder when going through it.

But you have the power to overcome it AND have a great life.

Where do you stand, right now, with your promise to your recovery? 

I promise you, that if you make this promise to recover and to life a better life for yourself right now, that you choose to start sooner than later, it will be a whole lot easier.

And if you’ve tried before, are you willing to make the promise again?  I had to make a new promise many times in order to recover, especially when a setback hit me.

With other things in my life, I have to make new promises all the time.  I break them and have to make them again.

But it’s worth it, otherwise life starts to feel dull and gray, which is far worse to me than trying to avoid pain in living the life I want.

You can do this, too.  You have the capacity.

How strong it YOUR PROMISE to recovery?

To get support in recovering from social anxiety, you can check out the Dissolve Social Anxiety Home-Recovery Page.