Why should you stop seeking comfort?

And what is the advantage of not striving to be comfortable?comfort

I realized something when I was listening to an audio program…

As I am building up my own coaching business, I am doing a lot of networking.

Being social but not too social, business wise and also being very social during the weekends, when I have the energy because I use a lot of my social time during the day to build my business.

I noticed that I had this feeling that I want to get to a certain place in my business and be comfortable and everything will be taken care of.

Listening to this audio program talking about how our society is built so comfortable is possible.

I think naturally, biologically we do seek a certain amount of comfort but I think honestly that we have taken it to an extreme in our society.

So that’s getting way too far to the comfort zone.

And there’s no growth in the comfort zone.

When you think about a baby and their teeth are growing in which is part of the growing process.

If you know the term “growing pains”.

There’s pain associated with growing.

So being uncomfortable is going to allow you to succeed to win over social anxiety and really to have a life above and beyond what the average person does because let’s take a look at this:

You got social anxiety, but let’s look at the core level of what’s happening as you’re seeking comfort and trying to get away what you think is a dangerous situation some way.

And it is not a dangerous situation we all know that.

So even more important than having social anxiety, is if you could really get to where you’re not seeking comfort as end result.

You’re going to shoot above the average person who doesn’t even have social anxiety.

I once thought of getting my business up to a comfortable level and everything will be good.

And I realized how flaw that concept was.

I had this thinking that if I could get “there” (into the comfort level) but when I’m there I’d probably still feel this way because the feeling might not match.

When I get there and realize that there’s no really “there” it’s only “here”.

And if I just handle what’s in front of me and keep doing those things outside of my comfort zone like doing workshops, more public speaking as a coach and as a trainer.

If I don’t seek that, there’s an immediate feeling of freedom and it’s still “here” .

Remember this, if I wish to get there, I’ll always be “here” where I am at.

It makes sense when you think about it in a deeper level.

To a certain degree we need downtime, time to rest especially for introverts.

Even I need those times but there’s no happiness being comfort zone.

There’s no long-term deep fulfillment and happiness.

Because you always seek comfort and always wondering what’s the next bad thing that will happen and how you’re going to avoid it.

And avoidance in social anxiety causes a great deal of suffering.

So those are my reasons on why we need to learn to live in the uncomfortability.

And it is not that you’re going to make yourself uncomfortable 100% of the time.

It’s 50/50 or probably more than that if you want to be more than average.

I’m making the standards that we have for what it means to live a fulfilled life.

– David