I know you want it.techniques

This game changer of a thing that once you truly experience it, you realize the POWER of it.

But many of you want the secret and easy technique (or even two) that will rid your life being controlled by social anxiety, social awkwardness and the like.

But there isn’t one.

I mean sure, there are techniques.

Techniques I have learned, integrated and even unique ones I’ve developed myself over the years for relaxation, handling negative thoughts, conversation/connection, social leadership and more.

But those are just starting point.

Because the key is to BE the man who is confident not just do some technique to mimic.

And, the major problem with technique is that eventually the mind tricks its way around the technique.

Then you go “see I knew I couldn’t do it, I knew it wouldn’t work.”

You fell into the mind trap again!


There’s one thing your crazy monkey mind that can’t defeat.

Because the mind doesn’t know how to deal with it when you are IN IT.

And that my friends, is PRESENCE.

The ability to go beyond your mind even when it is squaking its nasty-negative-spew on you.

Presence is ultra-powerful to melt or beat social anxiety or panic away and let natural confidence rise up in any given moment.

Unfortunately for most folks struggling with this stuff, it’s too simple, too easy, too “real” and you live in your head too much, so you don’t really know what the experience of being deeply present is like.

It’s an experience of BEING, not just doing.

Sound esoteric? Yeah, it is.

But it’s REAL and POWERFUL.

So when I work with my clients generally we have to throw a bunch of techniques in the mix

…eventually to drop them once I show how they can get in the way of Presence, something that cures feeling anxious and nervous in the moment.

You see, Presence isn’t a technique.

Presence is everywhere and always there.

Presence is always “present.”

But for the mind getting in the way.

It’s something you “practice” everywhere.

But people turn it into a technique and then try to “apply it” only when anxiety hits.

BIG mistake.

Let’s start with the most simple and fundamental Presence-type technique around.


This alone can get you out of your head and into your body, to experience more of yourself instead of just living in that crazy head of yours (and mine, too).

You see, I have a crazy freakin’ mind.

It constantly thinks and analyzes and churns without me lifting a finger.

It’s always been like that.

And yet I’ve learned through Presence how to get control of my life.

It’s about mind control.

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