Thquotation-marksis program isn’t necessarily for every guy – but if you have the commitment, willingness and really want to move rapidly towards blowing the lid off of your confidence and you can live on purpose, have the career success you want, the friends, connections and awesome relationships including dating women too - so that no one around you will recognize who you are, and life will become full of excitement, enjoyment and next-level success, then read on...quotes2

Hey man –

If you are truly sick and tired of being a shy guy, full of nervousness and awkwardness around people, lacking confidence as a man - and want to not only move away from that but TOWARD having the confidence and social abilities to create the success you want.

Whether that is:    

  • In making friends and real connections with people

  • Advancing your career or business by upgrading your confidence and people skills

  • In interacting, connecting and meeting up with attractive women - or getting into a relationship

  • Or in ANY area of your life where you feel stuck or held back by your lack of confidence and social or connection skills


...then this group coaching program is here to support your progress, customized to your exact situation and desired results.

It's the next best thing to working one-on-one with me.

Here is the lowdown...

I have created a 6-month group coaching and training program simply and powerfully called:

"The Confidence Mastermind"

However it is an investment.

Not only of money, but also of time, energy and effort.

And it is not for every guy (and that’s OK - it's a unique program for those that really want to accelerate their progress and are tired of waiting.)

But for those who qualify and join, it will be one of the best things you have ever done in your life.

This program is for YOU, if you want to:

  • Substantially upgrade your self-confidence and social skills so you can meet anyone you like, anywhere you go - no matter if it is an authority figure, an attractive women or a really confident guy
  • Naturally attract women by being more confident and social than ever, to the point of them chasing you
  • Uplevel your presence and charisma so you can be more naturally persuasive in order to generate social power and currency and build your networks
  • Learn to become a leader in your social and work circles so people come to you and you can make more money
  • Live on purpose and with integrity so you can do more of what you love and less of what you don't


This is for those men who really want to ACCELERATE their progress and results beyond what they can imagine, and in the best way possible.

The Confidence Mastermind is not just some online information product that you just leave sitting on your computer and never use.

It isn’t for people who aren’t willing to invest the money, time and energy it takes to really overcome for good self-doubt, shyness and a lack of confidence to have a life that feels off-the-charts and that is authentic to you.

BTW it doesn’t mean you want to be ‘blinging” with all kinds of money, women, and material things (though that is awesome if you want that stuff.)

It is about what results you want and living an experience of the most exciting life you can imagine (and maybe thought you couldn’t have, but luckily you’re wrong, you CAN have it.)

Though results can happen VERY quickly it also may take some time to learn and integrate things so they become natural and who you are. But you’ll never have to go back again once you do.

If the above doesn’t really resonate with you – then this program isn’t for you.

And actually there is no pressure to get results, I help you take care of that not only with the coaching and training, but with the solid & supportive structure of the group. But you do need to be “all-in” in your participation so you can have off-the-charts confidence and success, and because it’s limited to only six men.

This is definitely for action-takers only that have had some kind of success in their lives, and you are committed and determined to solve this with whatever it takes - even though you are still struggling with a big lack of confidence, way too much shyness and anxiety around people (and in themselves). There is not alternative but to move forward for you.

No you don’t have to be perfect, not anything near that.

Here is the structure of The Confidence Mastermind:

  • Direct and personal coaching/mentoring with me via bi-weekly group coaching calls (Tuesdays evenings US/Canada - call time is TBD)
  • Private one-on-one sessions with me each month to ensure maximum progress and results
  • Secret Facebook group for additional coaching and support
  • Accountability partnership with positive and progressive minded men
  • Video and audio training resources
  • Access to all the modules and recordings of my previous live programs Dissolve Social Anxiety, Maximum Social Success and Social Success Secrets v1 and v2
  • Includes customized intake session to set you goals for the program, customized to your life situation and challenges
  • 6 months of amazing all-around support...and more (I can't list everything here, but there's more than enough to be set for a lifetime of knowledge and skills)

Start Upgrading Your Confidence, Super-Fast
Within Just Weeks or Even Days

That You Learn The Mindsets, Techniques & Practices
To Start Meeting & Connecting With New People
In All Areas of Your Life

Because this program has to be a right fit for every guy in it (everyone has to be supportive of each other and really want to do whatever it takes to get results and change their lives forever)

This program is by application/interview only directly with me for the six-month program. 

This is for those men who really want to ACCELERATE their progress and results beyond what they can imagine, and in the best way possible.


You just have to be committed and willing to give it your best shot to confront your fears and negative thinking, apply what you learn by practicing and taking action - so you can truly get on a rock-solid path to creating the life you have always wanted deep down.

I mean after do deserve it, don't you?


1) You must be willing to take action to have what you want and ready for massive positive change

2) You are a man who is 27 years of age or older

(Why? Because this is for guys who have been struggling with confidence issues longer and have been in the work world for a while already)

3) You must be in the US or Canada and have Tuesday evenings open twice a month

(This is purely for scheduling reasons and I may open up an International or European mastermind group in the future)

There are 6 5 spots available.

The six-month confidence transformation journey begins on October 13th.

Will one of these men be you?

Click on the Apply Now button below to schedule an interview time and fill out the application. Once you submit your full and detailed application, I will be in touch within 24-48 hours to talk about next steps - if it is a fit and we will setup a conversation to talk about your goals, challenges and if the mastermind would be a fit for you.


Best in your social success,

David Hamilton