“Struggling, struggling every dayconfidence

To overcome shyness to be more free

To be the man I know I can be

The confidence I seek is all WITHIN ME.”

I know how much you are constantly thinking about your confidence level (or lack of it).

And it’s painful.

You’re doing everything you can to figure this out, right?

So you can have the life you want as a man?

That’s why you are here after all.

Yes, with the right information and techniques which is what you are here to learn, there is a way.

But there’s one major element that trumps any information or technique…

…and that’s YOU.

YOU are the one who has to not only learn it, but APPLY in your day-to-day life.

YOU are the one who has to see what your shyness, social fear and anxiety are really made of from the inside-out, to break apart the years of negative conditioning.

YOU are the one who has to practice, over and over new ways of thinking, letting go of old negative thought patterns day-by-day repetitively, sometimes arduously.

YOU are the one who has to keep getting up when you get knocked down by someone’s comment, dust yourself off and take a look at what happened, and how to keep going.

YOU are the one with that actual power not the knowledge, technique or skillset you think is the magic pill or holy grail to get you there.


You are the confidence you seek, it comes from within and in fact you’re made of it but for a bunch of BS conditioning that all can be changed.

Start seeing and knowing that you are POWERFUL.

You chose to be here, right?