Handling My Subtle Social Anxiety Symptoms – Tired, Quiet & Disengaged

In general, there are certain social anxiety symptoms we all share. Of course, we each have symptoms that are unique to us as individuals. Today, I'm writing about a few of the more "subtle" symptoms that I still have sometimes, and how I manage those when they come up. I was out several days and nights this week, but when I was out on Sunday night at an open mic (where musicians take turns playing songs) I noticed some SA coming up. This is a bar where I used to know no one, but now have make a number of friends there, by putting myself out there while handling my social anxiety. It was difficult to do, but I did it. I was sitting by this nice little fireplace, chatting to another musician buddy that I met there. A girl he knew came up to our table, and started chatting as she already knew him. She was really cute. As some of you know at the top of my behavioral hierarchy is talking to women I'm attracted to. As they talked, I watched myself withdraw and kind of "space out" i.e. feeling tired, quiet & disengaged. I began looking away and excluding myself from their conversation.
by David Hamilton