Do You Repel People?

The only thing worse than having issues with avoiding people is actually DRIVING AWAY people before or during a conversation with them.

You now what I mean?

You are trying to apply the info you’ve found on the internet, do your best to implement it in conversation and even FORCE yourself to go out and do it…

…but then you STILL seem to have people think you’re weird or REPEL them in some way.

Many times even before you even open your mouth!


Maybe it’s because your so nervous even after a conversation has started you start to come across as boring, socially awkward or just too quiet.

This could be at work, at a party or event, a friend’s get together, a dinner, or even a coffee haus or bar.


Makes you mad, sad or frustrated about your situation.

You think:

“What’s wrong with me?!!”

“Why can’t I get it RIGHT! Ahhhhh!”


Here’s why…

You know it’s not just more information because the information you’ve been trying to apply hasn’t been working for you.

There is endless amounts of information out there – some good, some bad.

But in order to make the most progress in the shortest amount of time with your confidence…and live your BEST life…

…you MUST have a working system which shows you the major pitfalls and how to overcome them, how to KNOW your own self-worth and value so you can exude the confidence you want to…

…which is ALL the foundation to get you the success you want in your personal AND professional life – both are really important.

But if you are just going “willy-nilly” piecing together information without a systematic approach all on your own WITHOUT making any real forward progress…

…then I’m sorry to say you got a problem.

And you know what?

You can’t just cram more info in, force yourself more, and hope it will get better.

That strategy doesn’t work.

I tried it for YEARS. Got no results with my social anxiety, no breakthroughs, no real system.

Here’s the solution:

You MUST have social confidence SYSTEM that has the right info, the right steps, in the right order FOR you.

But you say that you have “tried it all” have you?


That means you know what DOESN’T work actually.

Whether it was talk therapy, books, free videos/blogs, forums, etc…

…and you know that more of these isn’t going to really help you stop repelling people, and not only just people…

…but QUALITY people that you actually want to meet, connect with and befriend!

So if you are REPELLING people before meeting them or during connections with them – you can’t keep doing MORE of what you are doing…

…because you’re just doing more of what ISN’T WORKING.

There is a much better way.


Virtually every time I share it with people they can’t believe how powerful and simple it is.

So if you are ready to start having social anxiety dominate your world, feeling more calm AND confident…

…all while ATTRACTING more people, and the right people, instead of pushing them away or being left frozen, stuck and frustrated on your end of things…

…then click the link below, book in a call and I personally teach you what you need to work on in my system:


P.S. The secret to magnetically attracting people without anxiety and effort, is in the system itself. There’s only a few key steps BUT if you don’t apply them correctly, you will keep going round & round in this REPELLING cycle no matter what new techniques or methods you try, or more info you try to cram into your head, especially if you aren’t getting results or making the progress you NEED to be successful…