Why You Should Stop Forcing Yourself to Be Confident?

When I started out on my confidence journey I did A LOT of forcing myself to talk to people.

And to be honest sometimes that may be required when trying to reach a new level of success in your life.

Not only have I reached higher levels of confidence and success in my life, but I have also studied, and continue to study with other successful people.

And EVERYONE has to push sometimes.

There is no way around that.


…if all you are doing is forcing or feeling like you have to force yourself which often leads you to only take a little action and then STOP taking action…

…then you won’t move forward and make the confidence progress you really want.

You see, I thought that if I could just make sure I mimicked the behaviors of confident, outgoing and social people that I’d succeed.

Then it was “if I knew what to do and to say in any situation, I’ll have solved this…”

And the big one…

“If I could just FORCE MYSELF to be confident all of the time, THEN I’d be successful socially and at EVERYTHING I want to achieve in life.”

Guess what?

I spent YEARS chasing the dragon going from one thing to the next…hoping that the next THING would give me the confidence I wanted to feel around people…

…and was constantly forcing, struggling and striving from a place that would never get me there.

Do you ever feel that way yourself?

You know what I mean right?

You know what else happens?

You begin HOPING that it will magically fix itself.

Or some white knight will come with the solution that will fix it all for you, without any work.

Then when that person does come along you secretly hope that the free training you are going to attend somehow holds the key magic secret to beating your social anxiety and unlocking true confidence and social freedom…

…believing that if you could just make this technique work that you’d snap into success and FINALLY overcome this and would stop having to force it so much.

You hope that this new mindset or conversational technique will fix all of your social awkwardness and you’ll be on the other side…where the grass is GREENER.

The reason why you never actually get off the hamster wheel of “hope” and see progress is because you keep doing this to yourself!

Here’s The REAL SECRET that isn’t a secret at all!

You need to focus on a time tested SYSTEM that works together as a whole, and reconfigures your inner system so that you don’t have to keep forcing your interactions all the time…

…and that isn’t just a bunch of gimmicky tricks or techniques!

Even if they do work for a hot minute, eventually they will all and let you down – like they have been doing to you so far…

…and just like forcing and trying to push your way into confidence eventually depletes your energy and you run out of steam!