Today I want to share a story of progress and real-time social success with you.conf2

A story of someone like you.

A guy who went from not going out at all…

(and having no friends)

…to getting 4 events on his schedule to go out and be social and meet new people.

In fact, he’s a current group coaching client.

Some people that come to me have friends.

Others have none. This is him.

This is his first attempt to get help outside of himself.

He’s invested in the coaching, and really, invested in HIMSELF to create the life he truly wants.

He’s tired of being the shy guy with no friends, and he decided to do something about it.

I have been showing him the Natural Confidence Mindstate you’ve probably heard me mention before.

As his natural confidence comes to the surface more and more, he has started to see that he could go out and meet people without knowing anyone.

There’s nothing special about him that makes him different from me and you. He’s open and willing to change.

He asked me how to meet new people fast, where to go.

I could tell he was ready to take action, and that the grips of shyness and anxiety might come and go, but no longer running the show.

So I told him to research some meetup groups and check them out, based on his own interests.

And he did it right away. He found a philosophy group that caught his eye. And 3 other groups to attend.

He also has been way less self-conscious and chatting with strangers when he’s out and about.

It’s so amazing to watch.

How did he do that? I mean that seems obvious to just go and do that right?

In fact, I just told you what to do in terms of advice.

But it’s obvious to me it’s not about what to do.

The action is easy.

It’s cracking the code of shyness to confidence that is the hard part, when you don’t understand how it works.

Here’s something he told me, that is a huge by-product of achieving the Natural Confidence Mindstate.

I’ll use his words:

“The good thing that I notice is that I am not thinking too much when I see something I would like to go to. Just signing up or whatever straight away.”

Yes, yes…

This is EXACTLY what happens when you start to get the Natural Confidence Mindstate down.

Doing what you want to do, talking who you want to talk to is SO MUCH EASIER.

Of course he has ups and down, even I do.

We’re all human beings here.

But he started flying along once he got a taste of
this Natural Confidence Mindstate.

His social success is well ON IT’S WAY.

And it’s not unique to him, even though it may seem it.

Your mind might come up with all kinds of negative
self-talk, but that’s just social anxiety mind talking.

The good news is that anyone can learn this
Natural Confidence Mindstate even people that are really
self-conscious and who over-think things.

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