Empty Social Calendar

Many people tell me that they want to have a lot more confidence, a better social life, friends, dates and also advance on their career path more…

…but they aren’t doing the work required to make the changes necessary and giving it there all to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

And I know that it gets pretty frustrating for them because they want to be different and even make some effort but it’s just not enough.

Because you might even hear about others that really do make progress and know they are putting in the work OR…

..someone they have figured something out that you haven’t and it’s easier for them.

And each time that you try you only seem to FAIL.

Nothing on your social calendar and few people to connect with or have the relationships you want with…whether personal or professional.

Ever feel that way?

The “House”

You know what this is reminding me of?

A business trip I went on out to Vegas back in February with my coach.

I attending a mastermind group at a nice hotel/casino and like most of them in Vegas you have to walk through the casino to get to the elevator and get to your room.

The interesting thing about walking through the casino is that you THINK everyone is winning.

Everyone is so happy & having fun!

Drinks, food & wealth everywhere…

Not only that – the bells are going off and it sounds like EVERYONE is winning and tons making money!

Walk through on a Friday/Saturday night when the place is packed and you’d think YOU were the only one NOT making money that night.

However – you and I both know that there is only one person who wins every night in Vegas…

Day in and day out..

It’s the “House”

Vegas does not keep getting bigger and bigger because they give out more money.

They WIN big and therefore can keep building things bigger…

And the same thing goes for YOU and your confidence and success when all you do is try to get more and more information but aren’t taking the right action, consistently to have your confidence breakthrough!

As long as you keep watching more videos, reading more blog posts, thinking you’ll just get better, free up from anxiety and build confidence

….you are just spinning your wheels thinking you are making progress, wasting the currency of your time and energy just like most gamblers who are wasting their currency and “feeling like a winner”…

…only at the end of a weekend to look and see they are only losing in the end!

And guess what they do?

They keep coming back for more, “hoping” they will get rich, just like you “hope” you will get confidence by spinning your wheels and “gambling” your time, energy and life away on more information you aren’t able to make work for you.

The way to win with confidence and beat down anxiety and social awkwardness, comes back to doing the things that actually work, in the right order so you become “The House”.

You have to have the right system for that!

Just “inserting coins” into more books, or articles, or videos your is not going to do it if you aren’t making the progress or getting the results you want in your life.

That just leads to an information addiction that is borderline the same as a gambling addiction.

I KNOW… that was ME!

More coins in the “false progress” gambling machines…

“…just a bit more…I can feel it…hope is here and I’m going to make it…”

“…I know I just will become confident…”

So many books, videos, articles and courses later and my confidence hadn’t signficantly changed.

So what did I do?

The same thing I am telling you to do —-> Become the “house”.

I built a confidence system for myself that makes sure I DO NOT in life for the game of confidence and success that I always continue to grow and course correct as needed along the way.

I still use it every day!

That’s the way it should be.

The issue is virtually NEVER the one of having more information, usually it’s about having the RIGHT info…and sometimes even less!

Trying to get more info is like jumping from slot machine to slot machine believing one of them is going to make you rich.

You will not get “rich with confidence” jumping around from blog post to new video to next book or course even.

It the SYSTEM behind it all that gives you the confidence you need in in life to achieve your goals whether career, business, relationships of any kind whether platonic or romantic.

And that is exactly how your going to “beat the odds” of The House” (social anxiety) FAR FASTER…

So if you want to keep putting coins in the machine and hope that eventually you will find one that will pay out big in terms of handling your anxiety and getting the confidence you want…

…only to find it only pays out temporarily or never at all then go for it.

But if you want to have a super simple system that works to get control over your anxiety and handle your confidence and people issues, so you can get a killer life and results- you need a plan.

Let’s fix this for you and get you calm, confident, more skilled with people so you can fill your social calendar and breed the success you want!

I use what is called the “Confidence Breakthrough System” which is VERY POWERFUL for getting fast results when you follow it…

including getting to feeling calmer, more confident and being able to meet anyone, anywhere and build solid connections…

…WITHOUT the constant frustration, overwhelm and lack of progress I know you have been experiencing.

And get rid of that empty social calendar!

Implementing this system could be the difference between just getting by in life but not feeling confident, getting success or having the fulfillment in connections and relationships you want…

…vs. becoming the best version of you that is confidently attractive and that people want to get to know, like and trust ASAP…

So if you are ready to make this simple shift and get to resolving this – click the link below, let me know a bit about you and your challenges and let’s jump on a no-cost Breakthrough Session and get you a plan together to FIX THIS FAST…


P.S. Once we map out your CONFIDENCE PLAN and find what to fix to achieve the success you want in life and make this all so much easier for you… you will realize VERY QUICKLY just how simple this can be and that you can make REAL PROGRESS fast.. Let’s do this…