Photo by: gogoloopie

I just came across this on YouTube and I really enjoyed it.

It talks about both the use of medication and CBT to treat social anxiety disorder.

This documentary shows the wide variety of cases, and even how the once famous Donny Osmond had SA!

Pretty cool and inspiring and makes me feel really good that I’m overcoming my social anxiety and that others are too.

Life only gets better and better when you tackle your SA and overcome it.

You can absolutely do it, and seek out help with a CBT therapist and possibly the use of medications.

I feel that the best approach would be to start with CBT and maybe bring in the medication the CBT that wasn’t working – but although I’m an expert at overcoming social anxiety, of course I’m not a doctor, so always seek professional advice before seeking out therapy or medication use.

 Watch this documentary I think you’ll get something out of it.