Meet More People

If you want to meet more people each month and expand your social circles you simply have to…

…get out of your house a lot more and in a way that is in alignment with your values and interests.

There is no other way around it.

I know the anxiety is tough and we talk about that a lot.

There is plenty to be done at home to fix your mindstate, but there’s no substitute for getting out and about and put yourself in social environments to meet people.

Because guess what?

If you don’t – you’re going to end up stuck at home alone not meeting any new people and stewing in loneliness and NOTHING will change.

And that royally sucks.

I’ve been meeting new people whenever I want for years now since 2011 since my first major confidence crossover.

And I can promise you one thing – no matter how much you wish it, you can’t bring new and awesome people into your life without both working on your inner self and your outer skillsets along with taking action to meet new people, even simply just by showing up at places where people are.

By staying at home in your “hidey hole” there is no amount of fantastical thinking that will save you or magically create new connections, friends and eventually social circles for you.

And guess what? I’m all for being content by yourself. You actually HAVE TO learn to do this as well.

Which makes it all the easier to meet new people without neediness or seeking some kind of validation from outside of you.
And in my years of doing this and having cracked the code of confidence, I can tell you that that the ONLY real way to breakthrough your confidence barriers is to start working on your mindstate at home first, and then exposing yourself to new social situations simultaneously, and the sooner you do both, the better.

You really can’t wait on any of this.

If you are relying on hope ALONE and emotional crack hits from drugging yourself with information you never moved forward on (assuming it’s the right info)…

…that’s like putting your entire future future in the hands of social anxiety.

On an average month I meet 5-10 new people without even really trying and 20 or more when I’m socially active.

I can help people that don’t know how to do this…to do it with more ease and certainty than they could alone.

Here’s the crazy thing though…

I could easily increase that to 20+ people per month with just a little extra effort and strategy direction.

How would you like to get these kinds of results in your life?

Meeting 3 to 5 times as many people each month that you can pick and choose to make your friends, instead of wondering if they’ll choose you?

Which leads to meeting even more people and can advance your career and networks in ways you probably can’t image.

And guess what?

It is not that complicated to do once you know what to do and practice.

So what is your excuse?

Once you know how to control your mindstate and emotions, once you learn how to be “relaxed & ready” in social situations everything is easy as pie.

And without a system to do so, it can be really tough to do.

And it’s not like I’m going out by myself all the time (though I do sometimes) because I’ve built out my social circles and networks and I keep adding to them.

It all starts to SNOWBALL when you know what to do, in alignment with your vision of life.

You have to remember this one SIMPLE THING…

Everything you are doing NOW is keeping you exactly where you are.

The EXACT THING that is holding you back from having the confidence, social skills, friends, relationships and social networks you want…

It’s like that old Einstein quote says:

“You can’t get to the next level with the same thinking that got you to this level.”

So if you are ready to start obliterating anxiety’s hold on you and feeling confident in yourself to higher levels than ever before…

…which leads to you being so much more relaxed, approachable and carefree about your interactions…

…which turns into meeting new people and making new connections FAST, which turn into the relationships you want both personally and professionally – so you can be successful as you want to be in life…

Then let’s get to fixing this FAST!

Just click the link below, tell me a bit about your situation and we will book a call and map your plan out to start cracking the confidence code for you so you can have the life you want both personal AND professional…


P.S. Life is only going by and anxiety and lacking confidence isn’t going to disappear on it’s own or with some “Magic Pill” …and if you keep waiting to breakthrough this it could end up never changing or even getting worse as the years pile on.

Let’s get to resolving this for you so you don’t waste any more TIME…