Are you like a wallflower?

Isn’t it frustrating when you are around people and them seem to not hear or notice you?

You feel like a wallflower that people just ignore even when you do speak up and say something?

Only to cave back in feeling like no one hears you, sees you or understands you.

You might be in a meeting at work and have a great idea but are too intimidated because everyone is freely sharing…

…but you are feeling HELD BACK like you can’t expressive yourself and are not only afraid others might think your idea is dumb, but that they literally won’t even listen.

Or you might be in a social situation maybe a get-together or party, or some event and you cower in the corner, too nervous to say anything and you notice people just walk by as if you aren’t even there…

…it is really frustrating because you know that deep down you have a lot to offer and share with people and that they’d probably like you a lot if they could just get to know you…

…or they’d really benefit from your smart idea to help make the team better at work…

…but you just can’t seem to do it!

Do you know what I mean?

Not only that – when you go home at night all you can do is think about how you weren’t able to express yourself, talk to people, start conversations, create connections that lead to relationships…

…and you just beat the heck out of yourself in your head and feel worse – and all alone.

Which just continues an endless cycle of socially anxious suffering and it seems like there is NO WAY OUT.

And there is always a way out, and even if you know that intellectually in those moments you just can’t seem to feel it, find it or figure out what to do.

But what if you could get yourself to the point where you believed in yourself so that you could express yourself and know your true value, which you could express and radiate out to the world?

So that before you ever opened your mouth you KNEW WITHOUT A DOUBT that you would speak and people would listen.

Or that you’d show up somewhere and get noticed and even have people wanting to talk to you?

Or that your boss and respected peers would want to hear your ideas and even CRAVE them?

Meaning —> people of all kinds wherever you went would get into a mindstate of where they HAD TO HAVE YOU IN THEIR PRESENCE – and it would be a shame and loss if you weren’t to them.

Isn’t that the kind of person you want to be ultimately?

The Big Problem

But the problem is – you are not training yourself properly to be that kind of person.

In fact, maybe you don’t know this but you are constantly training yourself to BE THE OPPOSITE of confident, charismatic and attractive to people if you are feeling constantly nervous and self-doubting around people.

I used to have problems with this too.

And what you are doing is constantly over-saturating yourself not only with negative thinking and feeling, but also with too much information (even if it is good info) to the point of overwhelm so you can’t make any progress!

So now you have shot yourself in the foot but continuing to overwhelm yourself with more videos, articles and the like getting “emotional crack hits” thinking you are making progress when all you did was get a state-pump for a few minutes…

…and then reality sets back in.

When you go to work and have to sit in a meeting where you are SUPPOSED to contribute but can’t.

When you make it out to somewhere and try to be social, but stand alone or cling to a friend and barely talk to anyone.

If you even make it out of the house at all for social reasons other than work.

I get it you are successful or have been in your career even.

You’re smart and talented but these confidence and self-doubt problems are really cramping your style, preventing you from moving up, making more money…

…or even having the friends, social and dating life you want.

And there are people all around you who aren’t as smart or talented as you, that have more self-confidence and better people or social┬áskills

..and passively have to watch them advance in their career, create connections and relationships, have a great social life and have a romantic partner or are dating around easily.

And that is why they are seen and you are not, even though YOU ARE THE ONE THEY SHOULD SEE!

And it’s not the fault of your boss or the people you want to connect with that they can’t see you.

Blaming them does no good.

You know what else does no good?


Even though yes the problem is within you, it just doesn’t work to blame yourself.

But what does work is to take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for doing something about it!


You are constantly selling yourself short and that reflects out into the world whether it’s in your career or business, your social life (or lack of it) or with men or women in dating.

Here’s the bad news first…

This will only continue to get WORSE by the day and even by the HOUR if you don’t fix this.

You just can’t think and act the same way day after day with no significant change and expect different results.

It is going to take a MASSIVE SHIFT inside of you and choosing to do something drastically different.

Without doing this, you won’t have the confidence, social life, and success professionally and otherwise that you seek.


And yes it starts with taking full responsibility like I said.

I know that you are BETTER THAN all of this.

You deserve WAY MORE than this!

Isn’t it time you fixed this and got on the road to fixing it fast?

Life is going by and you and I both aren’t getting any younger – especially if you are 35+ in age!

Why 35+? Because the average age we live to is 70 years old, so that means half your life is over or more!

Crazy, I know because I’m 40 and the same goes for me.

That’s why I work everyday to continue to create the life I want, and also in going to the next level…

…because letting the years go by without changing anything is the sure path to more of the same struggles.

I have a very simple formula I use with myself every day and that I also use with my clients to feel self-confident, be effective and to create the success you want in your life both personally and professionally…


Not a bunch of information that keeps you stuck in “mental masturbation” dreaming about what could be in your confidence and your life but never actually getting anywhere.

Isn’t it time you stop the madness of self-doubt and frustration…have the confidence you want…

…so you can be seen and heard and be as SUCCESSFUL as you want to be?

Aren’t you ready for that?

Let’s book you a no-cost Breakthrough Session and I can show you how to fix this fast:


Just tell me a bit about your situation, and we will setup a call to resolve this for you…

… so you can be seen and heard with confidence and even be magnetic and draw people into you which will give you the fulfillment and success you have only been dreaming of until now….


Are you ready? The choice is yours.


P.S. It’s time you started believing in yourself, your value and your true self-worth so you can end the B.S. you have been experiencing in your life and starting feeling confident and creating the success you deserve.

You are the better than this. It’s time to start showing up like you are better and even the BEST version of you that you and the world deserves to have…