sean cooperSomething very special today for you guys.

It’s the story of a guy who many of you know already, who used to be really shy but just traveled South America for 3 months ON HIS OWN, when in his former life as a shy guy would have been totally out of the question, and not even close to a possibility.

It’s none other than my friend and fellow shyness and social anxiety expert, Sean Cooper.

Sean and I always keep in touch over email, and when he got back, instead of hearing all the details from him, I thought it would be better to interview him about his trip, what it was like for him, and the adventures he went on.

Sean is no different from you and I. He’s just an average person who learned how to overcome his shyness and social anxiety.

In this special interview with Sean, we talk about:

  • Sean’s story of being shy, anxious and depressed in school to learning how to be socially normal
  • His inspiration for going on his 3.5 month South America trip
  • How Sean met people on his trip, who became his friends to travel with, even though he knew no one and was all alone
  • Why you should and the benefits of travelling (even if it feels really scary now)
  • How Sean met a Girl from Russia, Guy from US, and how things snowballed from there
  • Why it’s a small world and how global connections come around VERY quickly
  • How to start conversations when travelling (it’s easier than you think)
  • Why invitation is so POWERFUL – why Sean thinks it’s normal to invite people out, and not inviting isn’t
  • Did Sean feel, overwhelmed, anxious or nervous on his trip? What did he do to manage that when if happened?
  • How Sean managed his energy as a travelling introvert, when he stayed at busy hostels with lots of people around
  • Why learning a little bit of a foreign language, goes a long way in being a social traveler
  • The importance of non-verbal communication channels, and how Sean used them to connect with people more easily
  • Why you should meet not only travelers but locals as well to have an enriched experience
  • Ways to get help to become more confident as a traveller

Watch the video interview now:

I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did!

Here are the resources Sean mentioned at the end of the video for getting more help:

Shyness and Social Anxiety System (Sean’s foundations training, with ongoing monthly support)

The Attractive Introvert Formula (Sean’s dating system)

As always post your comments below on what you are struggling with, and how you want your life to be beyond shyness and social anxiety.

We want to hear from you!