Applying Nothing

Sometimes it is amusing what our brains can do to us.

Sometimes it is NOT!

When you think about the fact that you don’t have the confidence, calmness, friends, career track or dating life you want and you keep yourself in the negative feedback “doom” loop in your head…

…and you think that sitting at home and scouring the internet for things to distract you from the pain of not treating social anxiety

…or videos and blogs you think will help you, but they ultimately just overwhelm you with more information….

…and you end up taking NO ACTION and make NO REAL PROGRESS.

“There’s just gotta be something more I can search for that can help me get over this!

I just haven’t found the right thing (magic pill) yet!”

Know what I’m talking about?

And without even knowing it you continue driving on the road of ZERO-PROGRESS trying to search for the magic pill in hopes that it will solve anxiety and confidence problems for you…

…and you even feel better for a bit when you see something that inspires hope in you, only to return to the same old anxiety, same old you, and same old life.

These are NOT what you want.

But by doing the same thing over and over and not drastically changing what you are doing you are in a loop of continuing to focus on things that will only give you more of WHAT YOU DON’T WANT.

Which is more anxiety, less confidence, more fear, few/no interactions with people let alone good ones, no career advancement, no new friends, no good relationship, no more money…and no new life!

Even if you do buy some books from Amazon and get more ideas and concepts you feel frustrated because you aren’t able to apply the information, and no net changes occur.

That was me too…

It was pretty BAD.

I bought tons of confidence, dating and even “pickup” materials to try to solve my social anxiety and confidence problems.

An email that offered me up the latest shiny object that hit my inbox I’d buy it only to find magic pill promises would suck me in again…and again…

…and AGAIN!

And the main problem was that I’d keep putting myself further and further behind and into more and more information overload because I was filling my brain with more and more ideas…


And even though I had all this information (some of it good, some not so good) I still could not grow my confidence to the level I wanted around people.

It was like a bad addiction…

The more information I consumed the more I got a “info crack hit” and then more I got that the more info I wanted!

Then I finally figured it out…

I figured out that it was not about the information or the latest shiny mental tactic or conversational trick….

It was not about the next video, or product or fancy new concept that someone was showing me – and that I wasn’t even sure had gone through what I was going through…

It was ultimately about the SYSTEM for and having a solid process for practice, taking action and making REAL PROGRESS.

And guess what?

I had no system!

The Right System

So once I was able to actually see how I was or wasn’t doing things with the proper system and in the right order, I had my first “confidence crossover”.

Things completely changed for me.

That in a year’s time I met and connected with 200+ people some of whom became my very good friends, and are until this day.

Which improved my business and skills.

It improved my social life.

And even my dating life was affected and I met and dated various women through my social circles.

Once you have your own crossover everything just gets some much EASIER for you.

If you feel like you keep hitting a wall in making any substantial progress with your confidence and social anxiety, it is simply because you do not have the right system in place.

It’s not your fault, it’s your system’s.

And whether you know it or not, you do have a system!

Not a system that gets you the results that you want, but you do have one…

…let’s call it your “Anxiety Generating System.”

And you need a new one!

Like the Confidence Breakthrough System.

NOT some ninja trick for some 3-minute confidence hack or a tricky technique for appearing social even though you haven’t fundamentally changed your system and therefore YOU and how you show up in social interactions.

And if you are always looking for another concept or tactic it will only continue in a dark and depressing cycle of endless information and tactics seeking..

…with no genuine increase in confidence and a life that gives you everything you don’t want!

I have tested all that for you (it doesn’t work), and you have been doing that for too long too.


Are You Ready?

If you are really ready to hopefully make some fast and deep progress in shifting from anxiety to confidence as your new default…

…learning to be a more comfortable and charismatic version of yourself that is good with people…

…so you can meet new people whenever you like, connect with them and be likeable, trustable and attractive socially…as well as have it affect your work life, career path and dating life too…

….you are going to need A PLAN on how to fix this for yourself.

All you have to do is click the link below, tell me some things about your situation so I will know how to help you best and we will book a call.

I’ll show you EXACTLY how to fix this fast and what is missing from your system and what you need to DO using my very own Confidence Breakthrough System and the guiding light…

…so apply for a FREE Confidence Breakthrough Session now and let’s get you going on your new confidence plan…


P.S. In the past two weeks, four awesome people have signed on for my help, and made IMMEDIATE progress in feeling calmer, more confident and more at ease in connecting with people – which is affecting all areas of their lives very positively, career/business, social/friends, and dating/romance.

And they are just getting started!

So let’s fix this, and get your anxiety down, your confidence up and get your life to the next level so you can stop the endless hunt for more information, concepts, tactics and shiny objects that only bring you more overwhelm…