This post is about whether you should show or hide the fact that you have social anxiety.

I’m not going to say you should show or hide it.SA

There’s a right time and place and it really depends on where you’re at. It’s about where you are in your progress in overcoming your social anxiety and fears.

So I’m going to tell you a story about where I shared I had social anxiety with someone that had social anxiety too and what happened.

I was out a few weeks ago at a bar and part of what I am working on is going out by myself and checking how my social reactions go and generally it goes very well.

You may not experience it exactly. The point of the story is what happened when I shared it.

I was out at my favorite bar and there was a guy a few stools away and he started talking to me and we started talking to each other.

Then I told him I have social anxiety and he responded maybe he has it too.

So I asked him a few questions because it interests me.

“Do you think the people out are judging you and the world is kind of against you?”

Then he said “Yes, definitely.”

And then we both laughed of knowing that we both have it.

His friend introduced me to his friend. So I spoke up to his friends and asked them if they feel the world is against them and the people are to get them and one guy answered “No, not at all.”

That’s a great example, one guy with social anxiety and the other doesn’t have social anxiety but they are friends.

So clearly having social anxiety doesn’t matter for people who have problems making friends.

In my case, I’ve always had lots of friends but I’ve had problems meeting new people. I connect with people eventually but I get really shy when out at bars or some public places.

I think eventually you should share. Share it with friends.

I’ve been sharing it with friends and family.

It’s part of opening up and knowing that you’re not perfect and you’re okay as you are, you’re not bad and there’s nothing wrong with you.

So that’s my story of sharing to other people that I have social anxiety. I hope it helps you.

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    4 replies to "Should You Share or Hide The Fact That You Have Social Anxiety?"

    • RC

      I have only told my husband…after 14 years of marriage! He actually had never realized how much anxiety I had in social situations! He knew I was quiet, but didn’t know how I was affected. It turned out well, because now he supports me in over-coming SA.
      I have told a couple of close friends and family that I am “shy”, but they don’t seem to understand.

    • Lauren Kennedy

      As a requirement for my degree in school, I had to participate in Toastmasters during my last 3 semesters. All the first-timers are asked to give their speeches about themselves.
      I felt that one of my greatest struggles was feeling alone. I wasn’t exactly sure what people thought of me and my quietness. I was afraid that they thought I didn’t care to be friends with them. I figured that they felt I was too smart and didn’t need their help with class work. I also felt that they simply accepted my quietness and stopped trying to even include me, or recognize my existence. But I struggled in school and I wanted to be friends with my classmates so badly. I was sick of anxiety making my decisions for me.I wanted people to understand why I was the way I was. It didn’t seem like my situation could get any worse. Feeling the separation between me and everyone else hurt my heart so much. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.
      So for my first Toastmasters speech, I told them everything. And since I honest about that, I could open up about other things. I was able to share myself, like hobbies and other feelings, because nothing was as hard to talk about to other people as social anxiety is. I managed to be at a good place with most of the people in my class by the time I graduated. Some have even become what I would actually call friends. I don’t regret my decision to share.

    • JOAO

      I am completelly got in panic attack, I am very very anxious when get contact with -stranges-beauties-social meetings-i avoid it I decide to be at home, and do not go out, just to avoid see or talk with stranges.I just go out to work, and finish my day time run to home and go to dream as was where magnificent if it was different.I am afraid of rejection, to be humiliated and to be embarrased

      • David Smith

        I too am this way to a great extent, thank u for sharing! You r not alone. The point of the story is what happened when I shared it. What happened was that it made me realize that I’m not alone in my struggle! I fear rejection, humiliation,! This is embarrassing at my age!

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