My Social Anxiety Story

When I started out on my journey to smash my social anxiety and depression away I thought that if I could just get out and talk to more people, I’d be socially successful.

Then it was “if I just knew exactly what to say…”

Then it was “If I fixed my eye contact and body language people would open up to me…”

And the big one —> “If I could just find a way to NEVER feel anxiety again, then I will be confident…”

Well guess what?

I spent A LONG TIME going round and round with each of these (and more) next hoping that the next jury-rigged theory I made up in my mind would help me build confidence.

Are You Secretly Hoping?

Do you ever feel that way?

Secretly hoping that those bursts of hope you feel when coming across an new idea like if you just knew the right thing to say, the right way to act, make eye contact, had a better upbringing…

…that you are going to somehow magically snap into and exalted state of inner confidence and social freedom.

The reason why you never actually make the progress you want and get off the hamster wheel of “hope” mental theories, and the next excuses is because you keep doing this to yourself over and over again!

Here’s The SECRET…

You need to focus on a time tested APPROACH and not some quick fix technique, the next idea, or some ninja trick or tool.

Those will all let you down like they did for me…

So go watch this special video training I have created for you that shows you how to use the same proven system I’ve been using for over 5 years in all areas of my life, whether personal or professional:


To your confidence & success!


P.S. This system has given me ability to handle pretty much any obstacle I might face with people, though I’ve left social anxiety behind as once controlling force that it was and still is for you (it doesn’t have to be)…

Here’s how to do it: