Secret frustration that’s holding you back

One of the most frustrating things about meeting new people and actually making strong and genuine connections with them is…

…knowing that inside you is someone who really enjoys people, wants to connect with them and express yourself but being so anxious, stifled and shut down that you just can’t!

It is SUPER frustrating because you know that you’d be able to know how to start a good conversation with people, that people would even start them with you (because you’d be relaxed and approachable)…

…and therefore be more calm and confident to actually EXPRESS yourself, be engaging with them, which would lead to friends, career connections and relationships, dates and more…

Not only that but your life would be so much better and successful, AND you’d be happier for it.

What most shy, anxious and “socially shutdown” people do is they think more and more, about their problems, and issues and “if only” my life / my upbringing / my situation / my confidence / my anxiety wasn’t like this or “my life was like so-and-so’s” THEN I’d have this confidence and social game all sorted out.

Or focusing on forcing themselves only to go talk to people and what to say and do hoping that will fix the anxiety problems.

Or trying to find new articles or new videos about getting over social anxiety, building confidence, how to be assertive at work, approaching women, attracting men that basically just cram more info into your head, and maybe you get an “emotional crack hit” from them…

…only to be paralyzed with anxiety when you think about leaving the house, start walking out the door, or actually end up going out to a place where you try to meet new people, but are too scared too.

And yet the results still end up being the same.

–> Frustration, overwhelm and not knowing what to do.

You know you can overcoming your anxiety and confidence issues if you get the right system in place, with stuff that actually WORKS and supports you too…

But the real question is “HOW”?

And yes there are people out there doing it right now and have done it (like me) and continue to use it to this very day.

But the true first step is having a clear path.

Because if you don’t have a clear path on how to treat social anxiety that hold you back in your life, so you can build your confidence and have the success you want in life..

…it can actually be really DEPRESSING!

I know I’ve felt that many times myself.

In fact, I hear that from people every week that they are DEPRESSED because their social anxiety prevents them from having the life they want!

And so the cycle continues…

More thinking (and thinking and overthinking)..

More videos…

More article reading..

Even more self-study courses with good info that you can’t ever seem to apply..

And of course hope!

“Hope, oh yeah I feel so hopeful for the future it’s going to work this time!”

You hope your anxiety will go away then your confidence will develop on it’s own…you’ll be starting conversations left and right, people will be asking “who’s that?!?!” want to hang out with you, hire you, pay you more money, go on dates with you…

…and “I’ll get there someday!” you think.

Your dream life that you can feel when you are rolling in hope like a happy pig covered in mud “it WILL happen!” OH MAN.

That was my story too.

And then what happens is you walk out the door and that hope FADES and you start beating yourself up thinking “what’s wrong with me…why am I so broken?”

And no change in your confidence, conversations, friends, connections and nothing moves forward in REALTY.

Look I’m not trying to be some kind of “hope killer” here, but it really is dangerous to your success (like a drug) that you can get hooked on for years.

I call the “Hope/Despair” cycle, and I know ALL TOO WELL.

It’s painful and it holds you back from beating social anxiety and shyness.

You know what I’m talking about don’t you?

That feeling of hope makes you feel peaceful and calm at home reading that articles, watching that video, but then despair sets in minutes later and it hurts because the hope is gone…

…like a junkie on a drug and the supply just ran out!

It’s an emotional addiction and one of my FAVORITE guys out there Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about this emotional addiction alot.

But here’s the thing…

I tried everything, and went through the same cycles.

And over time I figured it out.

I cracked the code.

And you know what I discovered?

Overcoming you social anxiety, developing your confidence and social skills has nothing to do with more hope, more information or more “forcing” yourself constantly to overcome your issues.

So what’s it about then?

It’s about doing the right things in the right order with CONSISTENCY of practice and application so you can really start to make faster than ever progress and get consistent, steady results that ratchet up over time.

Which WILL lead to LEAPS UP in confidence, social abilities and next-leveling your life.


If you are ready to stop being overwhelmed by more information, break the “Hope/Despair” cycle, get a solid plan together and talk about the right steps to overcome your anxiety, develop your confidence, become socially fluent, and starting meeting new people, connecting with them so you can have all you want in life with friends, career success and dating and romance too if that tickles your fancy…

Here’s HOW:

There is a super yet powerful 4-step blueprint I have been using for years now that works to social anxiety and turn it on it’s head so you can be confident and successful in you life without the uncertainty, frustration and overwhelm of trying to do this all on your own.

If you are ready to break free, take the next step stop staying STUCK where you are – just click the link below, let me know a bit about your situation and let’s setup a call so I can show you how to make this happen:


P.S. If you are a good person who is willing to put in some real effort and is struggling with this, and has talents, skills and a personality hidden inside that you know if you were more confident and could express it people would like you, want to hang out with you, hire you, promote you and just all around like you more then there is NO REASON you should have to be struggling.

P.P.S In fact, It is probably not you at all. It is your lack of a plan and system for overcoming social anxiety and building confidence.

If you can fix that – your life and confidence can not only improve but even take off, so you can have all you want in confidence, relationships and success…