Repelling people because of lack of self confidence

Do you feel like you repel people or that they avoid you?

Both people you do and don’t know?

You might already know them but because you have a “bad vibe” they seem to feel uncomfortable when you are near, and either leave the conversation quickly…or avoid you altogether.

It’s as if they can sense all your negative thinking which creates low self-esteem and it pushes them away.

Or maybe it’s people that you haven’t yet met and because you give off weird vibes they don’t make eye contact with you, engage you or talk to you even if they are talking to others freely…

…I’ll bet you have experienced that haven’t you? I know I used to all the time!

And what’s worse is you know you are doing things like looking down or away…

…or darting your eyes away while having closed off body language or bad posture…

…a tight and rigid face that is locked up, and you can’t smile or if you try it is forced and it’s one of those weird smiles that repel people yet again…

…or what about eyes as big as saucers that freak people out because you are filled with anxiety.

Or maybe you don’t even really know if you are doing and just see that people get repelled by your vibe.

This of course is different than being ignored although that can happen too.

But of course the real issue here is all your negative and overly-ruminating thought process generating your low self-esteem and a lack of confidence which pours out into the world via your vibe!

It’s SUPER-FRUSTRATING because you can’t seem to break the cycle of negative, low self esteem thinking which come from your deep, unconscious beliefs about yourself and therefore can’t change your vibe and social energy, because you don’t even have a clue what beliefs within you are doing that!

And what makes it work is people think that they can apply a conversational technique, or even shift their body language and expect it all to change!

Worse yet, others continue to DO NOTHING or keep doing more of the same…and the result?

STUCK in the same place, and possibly for YEARS TO COME!

It’s not your fault if that’s you.

I used to have the EXACT same problems

I had a weird, awkward and stand-offish vibe that people didn’t want to talk to me, or if even if for a split-second they smiled at me that would quickly be shut down by my BAD SOCIAL ENERGY.

I used to REPEL PEOPLE like the plague it’s true!

So I worked on my beliefs, my energy and my presence along with all the skillsets of conversation and connection required and now I have a life where I can meet who I want, and have lots of friends and connections to boot.

I can go to an event or conference and make new friends IMMEDIATELY with people.

Not to mention my confidence in business is and the relationships I build for it is better than I ever could have imagined.

Even though I’m not focused on dating that much right now – I’m focused on my health, my business and current relationships with friends and family – there are always women around waiting for me to ask them out or hang out with them, or something more.

Plus I am completely reprogramming how I view dating, sex and relationships with women and learning to do things completely differently but more on that in another email soon…


All of this has to do with a baseline confidence and social prowess that you must have if you want your version of the same.

So how’s your social energy?¬†How’s your vibe?

Because if it’s bad I guarantee you are repelling people left and right everyone you go!

People you both know and don’t know!

You have a problem more serious than you probably realize.

Is that something you want for yourself?

Of course you can’t be me, you’ve got to be YOU or rather the BEST VERSION of you…

So what’s your PLAN?

Because if you don’t have one, you better believe you need one!

Guess what?

We can jump on the phone and work out a plan to FIX THIS for you.

Just click on this link and we will book a no-cost Confidence Breakthrough Session if you are serious about fixing this and creating the life you want and deserve….

It’s up to you.


P.S. Most people that struggle with social anxiety and have all this negative thinking that generates a bad vibe that repels people…guess what they do? They wait, hesitate and PROCRASTINATE on taking action! You can do the opposite take a new step forward and get on the path to fixing this NOW:

P.P.S. If you are sick and tired of repelling people, not having the confidence and the life you want and you are ready to move forward and step into your new life then apply for a session NOW and let’s get your plan together…