Are you ready?ready

Do you want to know how to handle your social anxiety, shyness, self-doubt and lack of confidence once and for all?

Who isn’t going to say yes to that?

Every one of you will.

Of COURSE you are ready.

But readiness isn’t enough, I’m sorry.

Are you willing to do the work?

Willingness is always more powerful than readiness, my friend.

Are you willing to commit to the longer-term process of growth and progress to see real results?

Are you willing to peer into your anxiety over and over so you can understand it more, peeling back the layers, staring it in the face until you can understand it and even laugh at it?


Are you willing to stop comparing yourself to others, to not listen to the total bull$#!t in your head that you are lesser, not worthy, undeserving, so you can realize your full potential and THRIVE IN LIFE?

Because I’ll tell you what.

You’ll NEVER be ready to do it.

There’s only one choice to make to start.

And that is are you truly WILLING to change?

Willing to effort?

Willing to fall down and grow?

Willing to choose to be a chooser, instead of choosing to be a victim of your life and the circumstances you are in?

The only time to choose is NOW.

It always works that way, whether you or I like it or not.

I’m the first to admit it…

That these aren’t easy questions I’m asking you above or what I’m relaying to you here.

But most of these questions, if not all of them, require a yes.

And many times that yes will turn to a no.

And guess what?

You’ll have to SAY YES, again.

And AGAIN, and again.

I’m going to be totally honest with you.

Some days it’s going to be really tough and you’ll want to give up.

The self-berating that happens and sometimes feels more painful, because you’ve made great strides, and feeling the gap of the positive progress you’ve made, suddenly to get whipped back into your old negative mindset feels like everything has fallen apart.

(When it hasn’t as that’s a MAJOR sign of growth known as a setback.)

It’s part of the growth process and I know this well having gone through it myself and giving shyness and social anxiety help for people who suffer from it.

Hell, I still do in areas of my life I’m still growing in.

So I’m curious…

Tell me, what is worse:

The pain of going through some changes…


…The evenings spent alone, with no one to talk to, connect with or enjoy passion with.

The challenge of busting through your limiting beliefs (which you don’t want anyways)…


…Being the guy who walks by everyone at work laughing and connecting while you dart your eyes away, feel weird and berate yourself in your head on how you are a loser.

Those are just a couple examples.

You can come up with more, right?

Because you live this every day.

And you don’t have to.

If you really want to handle this once and for all, I invite you to apply for a Breakthrough Session here:

To the confident “you” within.

He’s in there.