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Anyone who wants to meet more people, become a social magnet and step out in a bigger way where true success lives, knows they must drop the quest for perfection and take more risks.

David in 2009, Before His Confidence Crossover
David in 2009, Before His Confidence Crossover

If you don't know who I am, let me introduce myself.

I'm David Hamilton and I'm a confidence coach who used to struggle badly with shyness and social anxiety ever since I was a kid.

Now I help people generate what I call their "confidence crossover" - so they no longer will have to be held back by such a painful shyness or paralyzing social anxiety - so they can have great lives full of success at work, in making friends and connections wherever they go.

I have found that there is this underlying thought that’s rarely acknowledged and alive for nearly everyone that struggles with shyness and a lack of self-confidence around others:

“What will people think of me if I put myself out there?”


“Who am I to step outside my comfort zone and talk to people? No one will want to talk to me anyways.”


“How do THEY look so confident, and they can talk to anyone. I know I'd be happy and successful if I could do that too. Why can't I do that?”

Many people suffer from excessive shyness and anxiety and do nothing about it. That's fine that is their choice.

But I imagine you are here because you KNOW there is another way. You know you deserve better, and people that are outgoing are not any better than you.

You deserve social success and enjoyment in life, love and work...and you know you can be and there is a much-more outgoing person inside of you, one that you have always wanted to be.

I am here to tell you that there is a way, because I have done it myself. I suffered from shyness and social anxiety for MANY, MANY YEARS and I cracked the code of the matrix in learning how to become socially confident and create deep and wide connections to last a lifetime.

Do you...

  • Have problems knowing exactly what to do or say in social situations?
  • Feel like you freeze up easily or have to leave gatherings or parties because you are too shy and nervous?
  • Consider yourself a timid and shy person that just wants to the freedom to express yourself more around people, wherever you are?
  • Have thoughts like “I’m never going to meet new friends or find a relationship?“
  • Want to “socially integrate” your work, personal and dating lives like never before?
  • Believe you are NOT charming or attractive?
  • Think “I would love to talk to them, but I have no idea what to say?”
  • Doubt yourself WAY TOO MUCH, and don’t think anyone wants to hang out with you?
  • Wonder if life is passing you by and if you are just settling because you have no choice?
  • Stay home on weekends because you are too afraid to get out, or don’t have the kinds of friends you want to hang out with?
  • Immerse yourself in books and material on overcoming shyness and building self-confidence, but don’t take an action or meet any new people, or make better connections?
David in 2013, After His Confidence Crossover
David in 2013, After His Confidence Crossover

If you answered "yes" to any (and maybe all) of these questions, then know this:


There is a way to have true social success on your terms.

I have come a long way from the days of being socially awkward and anxious. I did a lot of it alone, because I didn't have the resources available today.

You see, here's the truth: there is a path to letting go of self-doubt and stepping into your authentic confidence that will allow you to put yourself out there and take the risks that payoff to have the life you want.

The Social Success Secrets Program is for people like you who refuse to let their insecurities get in the way of their quality of life and social success in their career, dating and relationships.

The road to success is paved with PEOPLE. We must rise to the challenges ahead of us and face our demons head on to get the success and happiness we want.

David's program has helped me keep in mind and be aware of how I'm feeling, thinking and my behavior patterns that prevent me from being socially confident. I really got great results from the constant reinforcement about acceptance, taking committed social action, doing the powerful growth assignments, and through David's guidance and coaching.

I changed in so many different ways through the program...and so much more out of it than I ever thought I would! This program has been truly amazing. David has been a great coach and guide through the process of finding more self-confidence at work, in dating and all throughout my day-to-day life.

Cris C. Cris C.
New York City

Even famous entertainers like Brad Pitt and Lady Gaga have had to learn to manage their anxieties like a pro, and make themselves available for massive public scrutiny on stage and in social situations. Some better than others, too.

The everyday social leader does not have this kind of public exposure, but they still must put themselves in social situations that call on their courage, clarity and confidence to take action and do what matters. They must not only manage themselves, they have to interact with others who matter in helping them progress and succeed.

You don't have to let your self-doubt and fear of putting yourself out there hold you back. In fact, you can be more confident than the stars, because what you see on the outside, doesn't always equate to what's on the inside.

Presenting the Social Success Secrets Mentoring Program

When You Invest in This Program You Will:

  • Discover how anxiety, fear and self-doubt need not control you any longer, and what you actually can and can’t control.
  • Breakdown beliefs that fuel your self-doubt and fear and start making changes immediately.
  • Get peace of mind to stop beating up on yourself after you did or didn’t take the social action you wanted.
  • Gain authentic, bold confidence in the way that works best for you by calling forth your best self in social situations.
  • Learn and sharpen social rapport and communication skills to have great social interactions with anyone (a major key to more success AND happiness).
  • Become a powerful and persuasive leader wherever you go, without being domineering or aggressive. Learn how to lead your own social events that everyone wants to come join.
  • Learn how to start conversations anytime, anywhere with anyone and learn the skills you need so you don’t have to worry about what to do or say.
  • Make more money and/or advance your career by removing any social limits you have.
  • If you are single, meet more people and get more dates, if you are in a relationship, get the confidence to go to events and parties with your partner and be a social dynamo at them.
  • Discover how to handle TOUGH life and interpersonal situations with poise and confidence.
  • Build connections with people fast so you don’t feel like you are wasting your time.
  • Leave your old life behind and create an awesome social life where you call the shots and you are in charge.

As a therapist and life-skills teacher, I’ve seen the debilitating affects of shyness and a lack of confidence in social situations which reaches all areas of life ~ from dating and relationships ~ to work and career. Shyness and anxiety affects self-esteem and happiness deeply.

I also know that the best coaches, therapists, and teachers are the ones who have personally dealt with the topic or issue they are helping others to master. This describes David Hamilton, as he “gets” social anxiety because he has experienced the impact of it in his own life and has learned to become socially confident himself.

David is uniquely skilled at helping people overcome the far-reaching effects of shyness and social anxiety. Check out David’s blog, videos and coaching programs. They will change your life.

Here’s what this program provides in a simple formula:

Right Knowledge + Supported Action + Consistent Support =
Exponential Social Results…and Success.

We will work together to help you achieve greater confidence, poise and success when you join the Social Success Secrets Program.

It’s OK to be afraid at this point - you should be - that is quite normal. I can't think of any participant that hasn't had some fear when signing up for a program. Feeling fear is a natural part of choosing to commit to a better life for yourself and in stepping out of your comfort zone.

Knowing that, the Social Success Secrets Program is NOT for everyone. It is not for those who want to play victim to the circumstances of their life and not take responsibility moving forward.

However, this group is for those of you who might be uncomfortable but know you need to step outside of your comfort zone in order to achieve the confidence and social success you are seeking.

Social Success Secrets is for those of you who are willing to take bigger risks and put yourselves out there more; people like you who want to be more influential with people and become more of a leader; and those of you that know that the change you want is NOT where you are comfortable.

You’ll be in a group of the best of the best individuals, who are seeking the big changes you seek, and are willing to do what it takes, because they’re sick and tired of playing it small, and know the potential is within them to have the confidence to handle themselves well wherever they go. Just like you do.

You want to have and more social influence and impact, everywhere they go and with EVERYONE they talk to.

Having been shy for most of my life, I have spent most of it avoiding talking to people unless necessary. I dreaded making small talk with anyone and when I had to, it was very short, awkward and uncomfortable.

Working with David through his Social Success group program has shown me that making conversations with people is not only possible - but also can be enjoyable. This is because he addresses the core issue of social anxiety - the mindset I had about situations, myself and others.

With his encouragement, I learned how to choose and continue to choose to take action despite my fear and discomfort. The results were surprising. Now I actually look forward to keeping in touch with friends and family, inviting people to go places, and even sometimes talking with complete strangers on the subway. Very grateful to have met you David!

Angie Lam Angie Lam
Toronto, Canada

Let’s get to the details of the Social Success Secrets Program to guide you on your path to more self-confidence and better connections with others around you, everywhere you go.

Social Success Secrets Is a Program Where You:

• Participate with people just like you committed to progress, growth and more consistent results in their social lives

• Learn the inner and outer confident and social concepts, techniques to bring your social game to the next level

• Get live coaching, feedback and interaction with me and like-minded people working on their authentic social confidence to support each you in accelerating your social success and progress

• Take on customized group and individual assignments to support and challenge you to grow

• Bring your social and life goals and challenges and we will help support you, give you feedback as a group, live on the calls

• Great for both single people or those already in relationships

Through working with David in his program, I can say that without a doubt, I have become much more confident!  The truth is; I did not expect to gain confidence when I began the program…I kind of thought I might learn to “look more confident or appear more confident”.  However to my surprise, I can honestly say I feel and am more confident!

I have been able to do things I never thought I could have.  I am giving presentations, going to college and participating in class discussions.  I am more outgoing and carefree at work, school, and with friends.  I am able to start conversations almost wherever I am and have made many new friends and acquaintances, and most amazingly- I am much freer of anxiety in social interactions!

No matter where you presently are in your life or what causes you to hold yourself back….David can help. If you work with David you can, and will become more confident. I am forever grateful.  Thank you David!

, Elizabeth C., Massachusetts

When I initially signed up for David's group program, I had no idea I was getting into. It turned out this was something unlike anything I had tried before.

David has a talent for this kind of work, in the sense that he is more attuned to emotions than regular people, this brings a lot of value to the coaching in its own right.

I have tried therapy from a psychologist before, 2 years of coaching/therapy from a psychotherapist who specialized in social skills, 6 months of Rational-Emotive-Behavioral-Therapy training, 4 months of coaching from a communication expert and nothing as been as transformative as my four months with David Hamilton. 

, Allan, Denmark

Here's the Support You Will Get:

  • 9 Weeks of Group Coaching Calls (Lead by David)

    Each week, David will teach a powerful new topic designed to move your forward in your social life and to shed away the layers of fear that have been holding you back. He will also teach you strategies and things he has personally done as well as things that have worked for other participants, and he will personally coach you live on the calls to help you through your unique shyness situation.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Interact with all the other members of the program, plus program ambassadors to help support and guide you through the program. Tons of extra support in the Facebook community alone.

  • Powerful Growth Assignments

    Group growth assignments ranging from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels depending on where you are on the shyness spectrum

  • Social Progress Partner

    Get partnered with someone on the same journey as you, positively-minded for progress.

  • Call Recording Access

    Access to all call recordings, so if you miss a call, you won’t get behind

Mentoring Call Topics During the 9-Week Program:

  • "Core Confidence" Mindstate

    This is an upgraded, all new MindState concept discovered by David that changed his life forever will put any other mindset to shame. Mindsets are good, but nothing compared to the powerful mindstate you will learn from David inside the program.

  • How to Never Let Anxiety Affect You Again (Yes It's Real, not BS)

    Part of the new mindstate application, is that you can learn feel great and relaxed whether or not anxiety is there or not. This is a characteristic of the human mind, and not any individual. You have it too, learn how to access it and never go back to worrying about having anxiety again.

  • Making Socializing a Fun Game

    One big issue is taking things too seriously when it comes to socially interacting. David has discovered an approach that makes being social easy and fun, instead of hard and heavy.

  • Conversational Connections Made Easy

    Learning how to have a conversation from start to finish often seems like an insurmountable goal when you are really shy and nervous. Discover the simple strategies and techniques that will make conversations a breeze every time, plus how to be dynamic and engaging in them so you won’t have to worry about how to be or what to say.

  • Powerful Social Presence and Body Language

    Being social and connecting in conversation is about much more than just saying words and starting conversations. It is about relaxation, openness and having a powerful presence, even before a word is spoken. Learn the secrets of how to a powerful social presence unique to you, and done simply.

  • Dealing with High-Value People (Authority Figures and Attractive People)

    One of the most difficult things for people even when they become socially comfortable is dealing with people they deem as higher-value than they are. This group call will be invaluable in learning how to deal with people who are in higher-value positions, so that you won’t have to be afraid anymore and will know how to handle yourself.

  • Authentic Leadership

    Learn how to be an inviting, inspiring and persuasive leader so that people will be drawn to you and what you are up to, including creating events based on what you love to do, so that people will want to hang out with you again and again.

  • Advanced Mindstate Training

    Through-out the program, we will keep upgrading and integrating your new Mindstate based on your situation and progress. This will never stop as advancing your mindset to the highest of levels continues even for the most social people, and the same will happen for you during the program.

  • Social Integration & Freedom

    This mentoring program is a special learning environment specially designed to maximize your growth, learning and social results. But what happens when the program is finished? We will talk about all the ways to continue to grow and learn on your own, and additional supports that won’t leave you out to dry.

  • Plus Customized Topics and Coaching to Your Unique Situation

    David (me) always designs programs by both leading with powerful teachings, but also listens and shapes the programs to the needs of the participants. You will get plenty of time for coaching on the calls and with interactions in the groups to have specific topics and questions addressed.


David has worked with people from all over the world in his programs (and really enjoys doing so), so all calls will be held during an internationally friendly time zone.

All calls will take place through September, October and November on:

Sundays at 10AM Pacific / 11AM Mountain / 12PM Central / 1PM Eastern.

The first call is Sunday September 14th.

Get These Special Bonus Modules When You Sign Up:

  • BONUS MODULE #1: Unstoppable Fuel for the Fire: Cultivating the Desire to Be Social

    It can be tough to keep up the desire to be social. Learn what it takes to develop a burning passion to be social everywhere you go.

  • BONUS MODULE #2: Handling Ego, Fear & Self-Doubt

    Not often talked about is the structure of the ego, and how it might get in the way of overcoming your anxiety and shyness. The related fear and self-doubt must be handled too. Discover how to do that and more in this powerful module.

  • BONUS MODULE #3: Dealing with Setbacks: The Highs, The Lows and the Plateaus

    What happens when you make progress, but then backslide into how you were before? You don’t have to worry anymore, this powerful audio lesson tells you how to deal with that and not let it ever stop you again from having the social life you want.

  • BONUS MODULE #4: The Art of Intentional Action

    Often overlooked is the ability to take action in any area of life, using strong intentionality. Learn how to tap into that strong intentionality for more success, not only in social situations, but anywhere in life whether your work, making money, health, dating and relationships, or any important area for you.

  • BONUS MODULE #5: Acceptance and Compassion for Social Success

    The most powerful forces for connecting with yourself and others have been told time and again to be love, compassion, acceptance and understanding. Learn how to tap into these in even greater ways and use them to your advantage in social situations, and to be far strong than anyone who acts tough or alpha.

What Is the Investment?

  • With all of the coaching, calls, bonus modules and support, this program is easily worth over $1,200.00 in value.

    The Investment in Social Success Secrets is only:


    (Standard Program)



    (Premium Package)

Social Success Secrets Officially Begins Wednesday, September 10th

Enrollment ENDS: This Friday, September 12th.

Once the doors close no once else can get in and I am not sure when the next group will be.

100% Risk-Free with a 60-Day UNCONDITIONAL Money Back Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Social Success Secrets Live Program, or do not feel you are learning anything, seeing progress or getting results, I offer a 60-day unconditional money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Here are the Two Options for the
Social Success Secrets Mentoring Program:


    9 Weeks of Powerful Group Mentoring Calls

    Private Facebook Group Access

    Bonus Social Confidence and Skillset Modules

    Social Progress Partnership

    All Calls Recorded for Any Sessions You Cannot Make

    (See page above for full details)

$297One-Time Payment
    Get Standard (1-Pay)
    $109 x 3Three Payments
      Get Standard (3-Pay)

      (Only 30 spots available at the Standard Level)


        Everything in the Standard Program PLUS…

        1. PERSONAL EMAIL COACHING with David Hamilton
        Have David as your personal email coach throughout the entire 9-week program. You can privately ask David ANY question, present specific situations and get detailed answers and explanations from him. Email coaching is where some of the biggest social breakthroughs
        have happened for people.

        2. Three Premium-Level, Advanced Social Training Videos
        In these exclusive videos, David will breaks down the specifics of social situations he was successful so you can learn down to the detail what to do and say to be successful yourself. This will cover the all social scenarios including work/business, dating, leadership and friendship scenarios.
        (To be rolled out throughout the program.)

      $397One-Time Payment
        Get Premium (1-Pay)
        $147 x 3Three Payments
          Get Premium (3-Pay)

          (Only 10 5 spots left for the Premium level)

          I hope to see you inside the Social Success Secrets Program,
          where you’ll truly learn how to be socially confident.

          Your results primarily will be based on your participation - and this program is NOT for everyone and that's OK.

          It is for those who want excellence in their social lives along with support from like-minded people on the journey to becoming more confident and successful, in going to the next level and beyond.


          David Hamilton

          Confidence Coach and founder of SocialExpression.NET

          *If you have any questions about the program, you can contact me and my assistant Mia via the contact form here.

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