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Prepare For A Job Interview When You’re Shy

Ever worry you’re going to fail a job interview because of your shyness and bad nervousness?

Today I answer a question on that from a community member.

He asks:

“I was wondering if you could give me some advice on job interviews.

The thing is, I have a job interview upcoming in a couple days.

I’ve been trying to visualize the interview in my mind as practice but I find myself thinking of very negative personal thoughts as answers.

I don’t want to fake my answers cause I know it would show in my voice. I want to be honest but honestly I have been feeling very down on myself for the past couple years.”

Fantastic question.

I answer his question on how to prepare for a job interview when you’re shy in today’s video.

(FYI when I recorded this I didn’t have my better camera setup – so the quality is a bit degraded but the content is really useful, so don’t let that stop you.)

I hope it helps you for handling your next job interview when you are struggling with social anxiety.

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